Final grades: Green Bay Packers rookie class

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Micah Hyde should play Sunday, but he’s not 100 percent.

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Micah Hyde: Fifth round pick – B

Hyde showed flashes of brilliance all season long. He also showed his immaturity at times, which is why his grade isn’t higher. In the return game, Hyde is a shoe-in for the job. For instance, late in the Steelers game, Hyde showed speed and elusiveness that gave the Packers great field position when they needed it. He also returned a punt for a 90-plus-yard touchdown against the Vikings early in the season.

In coverage, he has talent. He played a lot of the slot coverage for an injured Casey Hayward and excelled. His speed isn’t anything to write home about, but he makes up for it in physicality. He’s a good candidate to move to safety this offseason if those troubles continue to exist in the secondary.