Green Bay Packers Citizen GM: Let’s talk free agents

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James Starks

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

James Starks: he really came out of his shell this year and a good time to do it. In a contract year, Starks will be high on the Packers list of rehires.

  1. Starks will return to GB if – the Packers understand how valuable he was as a complement to Eddie Lacy this year. He was a perfect change of pace back and broke several huge runs for big gains or touchdowns. He played well consistently all year and earned the right to come back and compete next season in green and gold.
  2. Starks walks if – the Packers decide to shake up the depth chart with DuJuan Harris returning from injury. They don’t want to get rid of Franklin, who they are still developing, but Harris has proven himself aside from injury. Starks may fall to the backburner if the Packers decide to only roll with three backs. Though, it is unlikely any decision is made until after offseason training camps. If Starks were to hit the market, he would be gold.