Green Bay Packers Citizen GM: Let’s talk free agents

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Andrew Quarless.

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Andrew Quarless: with the loss of Finley this season, Quarless stepped up. He proved useful in the passing attack. He isn’t as strong as Finley and has had problems with dropped passes, but he did emerge and play above his experience level when it mattered.

  1. Quarless returns to GB if – Finley is allowed to walk. The Packers have a big decision to make at tight end this offseason. They don’t need Finley and Quarless when Brandon Bostick has proven to have raw talents at the position. I believe that Quarless will stay because he is young enough to develop, a good blocker, and has minor injury concerns.
  2. Quarless walks if – Jermichael Finley is re-signed to an extended contract. Even if Finley walks, Quarless might also be out the door with Bostick coming on strong and having a chance to draft a young, physical tight end in May.