Will the Packers Switch to a 4-3 Defense?

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Green Bay Packers outside linebacker

Clay Matthews

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Downsides of switching to the 4-3

Now, here is the other side of the coin, and the one reason why this switch may not work at all. Last year the Packers doled out a huge contract to Clay Matthews to be their premier pass rusher and playmaker in their defense.

Regardless if the Packers find a hybrid role for Matthews in a 4-3, his role would still diminish.

The 3-4 is a perfect fit for Matthews’ talent. He can generate pressure from all over the field and make plays off the edge in a two-point stance. If he played linebacker in a 4-3, he would be asked to drop in coverage far more frequently and wouldn’t quite have the same pass rushing role.

So will the Packers diminish the role of their star defensive player to better suit the other players around him?

A 4-3 defense also offers less creative blitz packages, which is something we all know Capers loves to employ. There is just less creativity in general when it comes to generating pressure in a 4-3, but maybe this is not necessarily a bad thing in the Packers case.

On top of this, guys like Perry, Mulumba, Palmer, and Neal (if they re-sign him) would have to make another position switch after learning how to rush from a two-point stance and drop back in coverage.

The Packers would also miss out on a pretty talented group of potential 3-4 outside linebackers in this year’s draft class.