Green Bay Packers Julius Peppers or B.J. Raji: One for the 90s


Who will wear number 90 for the Green Bay Packers in 2014?

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Now that the first week-plus of free agency has come to an end, Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson has signed many of his own players and also reached outside the box to nab DE Julius Peppers; it’s time to relax and wait for more news about the Packers’ other free agents.

Julius Peppers

Who will get re-signed? John Kuhn? James Starks? James Jones? Johnny Jolly? Ryan Pickett?

Still with plenty of cash with which to work, Thompson will find the best values and act on them. Until then, we have to be patient, look toward the NFL Draft and begin asking about the real important question – like who will wear number 90 for the Packers?

Will it be B.J. Raji, the defensive lineman who has worn the number for the past four years? Or will it be newly-inked all-world defensive end Julius Peppers – the Pro-Bowler who has worn the number for the past 12 years with the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears?

That will be a question that will most likely be decided by the two new teammates. We’ve heard ridiculous stories in the past about how

B.J. Raji

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

players will buy their favorite number from a new teammate for exorbitant prices – my hope is that it doesn’t work this way this time around.

It only cheapens the number … something we don’t want to see.

As a matter of fact, in the 94 years that the Green Bay Packers have been in existence, only 10 players, Raji included, have worn number 90.

Those who have worn this number through the years, according to, are as follows:

Players Who Have Worn Jersey #90
Leon Manley, (G), Oklahoma1950-51
Ezra Johnson, (DE), Morris Brown1977-87
Nate Hill, (DE), Auburn1988
Tony Bennett, (LB), Mississippi1990-93
Steve McMichael, (DT), Texas1994
Darius Holland, (DT/DE), Colorado1995-97
Vonnie Holliday, (DE), North Carolina1998-2002
Chukie Nwokorie, (DE), Purdue2003
Colin Cole, (DT), Iowa2004-08
B.J. Raji, (NT), Boston College2009

So, in an effort not to demean all of those who have worn this number for the past 94 years, we ask that something as inexpensive and easy as a coin flip could be utilized.

Or maybe Ted Thompson will make the final decision.

Stand by …