Green Bay Packers QB competition could end with Rettig on the roster


Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports photograph

It almost seems like a surprise to see Scott Tolzien on the roster for the Green Bay Packers.

More changes will be coming in Green Bay with the quarterbacks after watching Tolzien last season, seemingly not knowing the system very well. Against Minnesota last season, his last start, he had difficult time against the Vikings’ dismal rush and was replaced by Matt Flynn who led a comeback but still couldn’t get a victory. The next week Flynn lit up the skies with a real good passing day, holding onto the job until Aaron Rodgers came back to start.

Not to be down on Tolzien for his attempts in Green Bay, but in my opinion, I’d have to say it’s a big surprise to see him on the roster yet. After four years experience and a few games for a couple other teams, Tolzien should be ready to make it “Rock N Roll” when he takes the helm.

But it seemed he didn’t know the system very well. He just seemed like he needed to learn a lot, and had a long way to go. I’d like to wish him the best of luck, but it will be hard to stick with a very talented rookie bidding for a spot. If the team decides to keep three quarterbacks, one will have to go, and in fairness, an unsigned rookie deserves at least two to three years to learn the system well enough to handle the starting job.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien prepares to throw the ball against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

With Aaron Rodgers being a league and Super Bowl MVP with giant contract, this position seems to be a shoe-in, but in the NFL things can change in a blink of an eye at any time. The way the new young quarterbacks were nurtured made good sense and made Mike McCarthy a quarterback-making machine, along with his quarterback coach(es).

I speculate that the team will drop Tolzien in favor of Chase Rettig, the 6-2, 214-pounder who was brought in as an undrafted free agent. Rettig, who won 20 of 30 games for Boston College, started through several coaches who changed systems each time, making him a study that might actually help him in Green Bay, making it easier for him to adapt. I wish the young quarterback all the luck in the world, and hope we see his name in the Packers yearbook for 2014,

Tolzien got the nod last season after Rodgers went down with a fractured collarbone and backup Seneca Wallace also went down with injury. Against the Minnesota Vikings, he was 7-for-17 with no interceptions or touchdowns before being replaced by Matt Flynn early in the third quarter. Flynn brought the team back, but it wasn’t enough to win against a poor Minnesota defense. After seeing both of these quarterbacks in game situations, it seems even when Tolzien is going good, he is not putting up the type of numbers Flynn can post. The same goes for Flynn, who cannot put up game stats as can Rodgers. This should make that change a no-brainer. Flynn gets the number two spot as quarterback, followed by rookie Rettig.

Rettig is an undrafted free agent in which Packers scouts saw something. These intuitions seem to be on par with the hierarchy’s former team holdings on players. While some teams carry four quarterbacks, they would do well to keep three and have a hook in the water for a fourth player if needed later on. As an undrafted free agent, Rettig will have a difficult job proving what he can do for the Packers.

But here’s to a new season with new players proving their worth.