The Green Bay Packers have all the horses in the barn


With last season well behind us, this year’s draft and the hoopla that comes with it is over. It’s time to give a hand to the Green Bay Packers scouts and team personnel associated with the draft, and/or helping make the decisions on which outstanding players get a shot at becoming a member of one of the finest teams the NFL has to offer.

Nobody can argue with that.

The Packers have been riding high up the charts form more than the past two decades, once again a top contender in professional football.

The horses are all in the barn (so to speak), and the start of sorting out which 53 of the 90 athletes possess the skill, attitudes and fortitude to carry the Green & Gold on their shoulders in 97 more days. That will mark the start of the 2014 NFL season, at Seattle, where the Packers are set to make the claim that our team can beat the world champion Seahawks.

Aaron Rodgers, on top of the top quarterbacks of the NFL, gave interviews just yesterday, mostly to the local reporters on hand. Rodgers gave an upbeat answer session to the reporters questions. Nothing he said or nothing he indicated went to say that we can expect the 2014 season to be anything less than not just amongst the best, but the best season anyone could expect from the Packers squad.

Getting right to it, when asked about this year’s corps of receivers, Rodgers commented that he was in fact excited about this year’s crew of receivers. The older veterans returning have earned the rights to be acclaimed, while the witty and completely thorough drafting of college and walk-ons have more than a ton of potential behind them. For one thing, they have Rodgers throwing the ball to them, and they have Mike McCarthy as master of their fate. Those who make it do not come in to join the team, they become a part of the essence McCarthy has in the genius behind his offensive attack. It’s a team effort, made of well-oiled, cooled parts that all work together. Those who make it, will fit the mold, as part of the machine.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy

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Rodgers began by bouncing a few names around, smiling most of the time, and appearing very well pleased with the team at this point of training. With older vets coming back, he knows he’ll have a few wide-outs he can depend on, and the prospects are lined up and taking off for the run.

Aaron spoke highly on some of the new faces in this year’s camp. The seldom heard of Myles White, a second year man was said to be making some strong strides so far, along with third year veteran Jarrett Boykin, whom Rodgers mentioned had “break-in” times, which can take two or three years to grow into, with both of these players successfully having been through, and both receivers now are coming into their own.

The excitement ran through Aaron’s face while talking about his new crew. Now that they have his endorsement and Rodgers sending them the ball will be coming up next, so they are on their way.

Chris Harper, second-year man we have not seen much of, along with White ,were both praised highly by Rodgers, who made claims that they were making large strides in learning the Packers offense, after the Thursday, May 29, practice the team began with. When questioned, Aaron couldn’t have practiced a larger smile, from ear to ear. The question was on Jarrett Boykin, who was thrust into action last season, and made remarkable progress then. Rodgers seemed to think he has shown enough to become a “regular.” We can bet on Rodgers’ words carrying weight around the team’s upper echelons, so look for Boykin once again this year, only count on seeing him more often.

With James Jones lost to free agency, the entire crew from last year will not be back. Jones proved to posses a lot of talent, but began his stay with costly dropped balls and missed routes. While making improvements with his hands, mistakes riddled his play, which in themselves were not grounds to let him go, but along with a few other things, made reaching for him in comparison of trying out new raw talent, giving the least expensive route a better choice for the team. Jones could be rated in the Top-25 receivers around the league if not for his inconsistencies. He can surely make it in the right system. We wish James the best of luck, only never when playing against the Pack.

Looking at the starters now, Randall Cobb can become a Top-3 and Jordy Nelson can become a Top-10 wide-out very easy this coming season. Together, with Jarrett Boykin as the third receiver, this would be a dangerous crew of starters. We are yet to weigh in the new guys on the block. There are certain changes that will take us by surprise along the way. It will be fun to watch.

Eddie Lacy.

Need I say more? This team can run the ball all day long. This team can pass the ball all day long. This team can run a balanced attack all season long, and beyond. Barring major injuries, then add in a little luck, and this team can win games until there are not any games left to play.

It’s a tough break to even think about it, but injuries are a part of the game. Let’s just hope that bringing in a football athlete’s special trainer, who is said to have made corrections with other clubs, can do with the entire Packers squad this year. Any one of the teams that fielded over the past 10 years or so, could have gone farther with fewer injury adjustments. Maybe this will be that year. Just let it be.

Aaron Rodgers and his Thursday interview can be seen in it’s entirety by clicking here.