Green Bay Packers Rookies: How Will They Do in 2014?

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Every year we see a few hundred new players joining the NFL – and the Green Bay Packers all with aspirations of carving out a career for themselves in our favorite league.

Ha Ha Clinton-DixAdam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

These players are the future, and if things go well they become some of our favorites on our teams and across the league. This first year, their rookie year, is where it all begins. This is where they give the world a strong sample of the abilities and talents they will be showcasing in earnest to successfully accomplish their dreams of playing professional football.

Every team has brought in their rookies and done their pre-training camp work with them to this point – the Packers being no exception. Green Bay GM Ted Thompson picked nine players in the draft this year (surprisingly without any trades being made along the way), all of whom will have the belief and expectation of making contributions, not just for this coming year, but the future.

For now I’m going to focus on this coming season, with some predictions on how well I believe they will be able to perform.

I’ll start with our first pick …