Green Bay Packers Rookies: How Will They Do in 2014?

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Cornerback Demetri Goodson catches a pass during the team drills.

Round 6 – [Pick 21]: Demetri Goodson, CB

If there was one position that was stacked on this roster before the draft, it was CB. Tyrone Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde (pre-move to safety), Davon House, and others … just wow … that is a lot of talent out there.

If there was a spot to get a player expected to contribute right away, this was not it. But … at this point in the draft, you are never looking for immediate contribution; you want to find developmental talent for the future.

That is why the Packers picked Goodson.

If there is a football dictionary out there with the term “raw,” Goodson should have a picture right in there next to it. He is trying to make a transition not entirely unlike others before him: going from college basketball to pro football. He is doing it in a way not done before; most who do so, like Antonio Gates, etc., go to a position like TE, so they get to go out and catch the ball while leveraging their positioning and size against smaller players.

Goodson has to go from running offenses as a point guard to guarding WRs in the most pass-happy time in league history, and do so when he is heavily limited on experience. He is also on the older end for rookies so he has less time to before he peaks as an athlete while also still needing to learn some of the more basic nuances of the position.

It would take Herculean effort, a dash of miracles and a rash of injuries to have Goodson see any playing time this year beyond special teams.


Unless he is able to find a niche in the punt- and kick-return departments, I can’t see him making any kind of impact on the roster. In fact, I can’t even see him making the roster as it stands.

There is just too much talent already there, all of whom are more established with more experience than Goodson can bring to the table. He seems like the perfect practice-squad candidate to me, someone who could use his time there to hammer out some of his rawness and become a useful player for the future, where the Packers may need him depending on some other personnel decisions (re-sign Tramon Williams after this year? Move Micah Hyde to safety full-time? Unforeseen injuries at CB? You never know what could happen).