Green Bay Packers Mailbag: The Preseason Edition


We are back and almost to Green Bay Packers football!

In a few hours just under 100 miles from myself the Packers will be squaring off versus the Titans in our first look at how the team will look in action. Sure, we are going to see vanilla offense, defense, and special teams, but at this point I will take anything just to get some Packers football!

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On to the questions!

David G asks-

"“How are LBs Adrian Hubbard and Carl Bradford looking in camp? Any chance that Hubbard actually makes the roster or is he gonna be a practice squad candidate?”"

So far both of them have been somewhat disappointing. If you do not hear about a player or players, it is probably not for a good reason. One of the things I have read from Vic Ketchman of is that the one-on-one drills tell you a lot. So far Bradford is 1-4, while Hubbard is 2-7. Neither of those numbers inspire confidence, especially when young players in Sam Barrington (2-0) and Nate Palmer (5-2) are outplaying them.

The big question though is will they turn it on during game day. Sometimes simply getting that first NFL game out of the way is enough to loosen a player up to start showing potential. Right now we only have promising talent, and promising talent does not always become NFL talent. Bradford’s draft status alone may be what gets him on the roster.

As for both here is to hoping they both show up, but if they do not it might be hard for either to even make the practice squad, though I would say Bradford being a fourth round pick would get first dibs.

I also do not know that any fan is happy with Hubbard after he was the one Don Barclay was blocking when he went down for possibly the year.

Luke has asked us a bunch of questions loaded into one. So I will split them up and tackle each one (no pun intended).

Aug 9, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Arizona Cardinals linebacker Kevin Minter (51) is blocked by Green Bay Packers guard Lane Taylor (65) during the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

"How has Lane Taylor been looking thus far in camp since he seems like the next guy up with Don Barclay’s season ending injury?"

Taylor has done well with a 11-4 one-on-one drill record. He is going to need to as well, given he most likely becomes the main backup guard in place of Barclay. Another player that will hopefully step up will be Derek Sherrod (12-3), who could be the backup tackle. This shows you just how much it sucks to lose Barclay, he was so versatile it covered up a need for multiple backups on the offensive line.

"Also, to follow up further in regards to where Don Barclay’s injury leaves the Packers on the O-line is there anybody else within the depth chart outside of the more obvious guy (Lane Taylor) who has stood out during camp and might push for a final 53-man spot such as Aaron Adams, John Fullington,  Garth Gerhart, Jordan McCray, Andrew Tiller, and Jeremy Vujnovich?"

Taylor is the obvious player to take a majority of the reps. Gerhart has been on the practice squad before and might be the best person to make it onto the active roster just because of prior experience. When we look at the rest of these players, you look at a chart listed on about the one-on-one drill, all of them list at the bottom between 28 and 37 out of 37. Gerhart at least made it to 22.

"Lastly, do any of these depth players seem like they might get high considerations for the Practice Squad or will the Packers probably be looking to trade or snatch an O-lineman from another team as rosters get finalized?"

Out of all the possible practice squad players, McCray (6-6), Fullington (7-9), and Tiller (7-8) have gotten the most reps in the one-on-ones. Tiller has experience from time with the Saints in 2012. They might see the most on game day. Obviously those couple of preseason games will be the best barometer, but those will admittedly determine who stays and who goes.

You also very rarely see the Packers picking up players from other teams as things finalize out. It would have to be a player Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy really were looking into before the draft for them to put in a claim. Trade-wise, no. It is just not the Packers way to do anything that might risk future draft assets.

Some great questions! I know a lot of my answers brought up the one-on-one drill, but that is one of the best drills to show off a player, as well as document how players on and around the lines (as the players in these questions are) are playing. It is also a very easy drill to track.

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Go Packers Go!