Green Bay Packers preseason will be a blast – starting tonight


I often tell my friends that I love Green Bay Packers preseason.

They think I’m crazy. “It’s boring,” they will utter while shaking their heads.

They simply don’t understand the attraction. For me, this is the time of year that is the most exciting.

They simply don’t understand the attraction. For me, this is the time of year that is the most exciting.

OK, so you only get to see Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers for a blink of an eye.

That’s OK. We will have plenty of chances to see those guys in the coming weeks.

What we get to see with the start of the preseason against the Tennessee Titans are guys we’ve been hearing about for the past few months – the draft choices and the guys fighting from the bottom rung for their professional careers.

What we see are a bunch of players trying to remember a system and getting their bodies to follow their brains, instead of the other way around. That results in some rather unconventional football.

But that’s OK, too. And that’s the reason I love it.

It’s preseason not only for the players, but it’s preseason for the officials, the announcers, the advertisers and, yes, the fans, too.

What’s great is the imprecision, the malfunctions, the fumbling, bumbling nature of the game. But it can also be a thing of beauty when you are an eyewitness to the first games played by the guys who just might become superstars.

Do you remember Brett Favre‘s first preseason game? I kinda do, and I remember an interception in there.

Do you remember Aaron Rodgrers’ first preseason game? No, me neither, but I’m sure at the time we might have shown some excitement.

It’s the only time during the NFL season when we get to see for the first time the stars of tomorrow.

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  • Will we see that tonight? Will we see Davante Adams show what he has? What about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix? Richard Rodgers? Joe Thomas?

    Head coach Mike McCarthy said that he was looking for someone to jump out in these games … I’m hoping for that, too.

    We also get to see the positional battles come to life right before our eyes – for the rookies and for the young veterans. What will Sean Richardson show us tonight? Who among the tight ends will jump out tonight? Will it be Rodgers? Will it be andrew Quarless? Will it be Brandon Bostik?

    That’s why I think this is a great time of the NFL season.

    We should all lean a bit forward tonight. The preseason not only defines the players who will be part of the final 53-man roster, but it defines the team. Preseason games are won by teams with depth.

    If the Packers do indeed have the great depth that everyone is talking about, it will show in the fourth quarter of tonight’s game against the Titans.

    Let’s have some fun and enjoy the best time of the NFL season.