Green Bay Packers Mailbag: The Final Roster Edition


Alright Green Bay Packers fans, we finally have clarity as to the final roster and … it is honestly pretty similar as to what we had thought it was going to look like; no real surprise cuts and some unfortunate injuries that kept a few players from being able to be competitive.

In the last mailbag someone asked me what I thought the final practice squad would look like, so let’s compare those…

Cornerback Jumal Rolle was cut, not added to the practice squad, then added to the squad a day later. What a roller coaster or the guy! Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

My Prediction …

The Actual Squad

I got 3 of 10, 4 of 10 if you want to give me the final pick since I never made one, which I would chalk up as Banjo since I was sure they would try to keep him at least on the practice squad if not the final roster.

I also had several picks that probably would have been on the squad but instead went on injured reserve. This squad ended up receiver-heavy but that’s a position that can use depth, and good depth at that. My biggest surprise from the list is that Jumal Rolle is not on there given as much time as he was used in the preseason. But, you do have to make plays (Editor’s note, the Packers announced this morning that Jumal Rolle had been added to the squad and Alex Gillett was released …).

Secondly, let’s look over last week’s poll. We posed the question, “What is Jeff Janis’s stat line this year?”

We had 50 votes for ’20 receptions, 270 yards, and 2 TDs’; 21 votes for ‘Couple of receptions but mainly returns and special teams’; and only 12 for ’50 receptions, 745 yards, 5 TDs’.

Like myself, the majority voted he will have an impact, but most likely it will be minimal. He is behind too many great receivers at the moment to make a huge impact.

On to questions!

James Pitchford asked …

"Packers quarterback Matt Flynn. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photographSam Bradford’s season ended unexpectedly this past weekend. Any chance the St. Louis Rams will be interested in Matt Flynn, if only as a credible back-up and that given sufficient incentive the Packers would trade Flynn?"

As good as Matt Flynn has been for us, the Rams have seen what he has been able to accomplish throughout his time away from the Packers. He is the perfect example of “system quarterback,” even though he has talent in his own right. The Rams, in my opinion, would look to trading for a player who could start for them, like a Mark Sanchez (cannot believe I just said that) or maybe a Kirk Cousins.

It is time for them to blow up and start over at the position, so I would be looking for someone with potential down the road at least and a low pick as well. Flynn would definitely be a low pick, but his potential is nothing more than a backup to Aaron Rodgers at this point in his career, and I highly doubt we will see Rodgers in blue and gold anytime.

Rick R Hill asked …

"Concerned about who’s going to fill in for Raji? Every team we face has a good running team, starting with the first game."

To me, it is a very minor concern. For some reason everyone expected B.J. Raji to come in and suddenly be this Pro Bowl defender when the truth is he just has not been that since 2010. The man had 13 tackles last year. That’s it! He has had one year in his career with more than 20 tackles. That is not a guy you focus on, and while a part of the lineup he was not even going to be on the field during the nickle, which the Packers use much of the time.

Raji has talent. But he has not shown it or seemingly used it in quite some time. This injury hurts him well more than the Packers, given Letroy Guion can arguably give close to the same we got out of Raji the last few years, and the stats show it. Add in Mike Pennel who has some upside and I think Raji is replaceable.

The last question was actually posed by the great Ray Rivard (our editor), and he asked …

"Do the Packers keep 3 QBs or 2? That will be the crux to determine the rest of the roster. Tough decision and I’m glad I don’t have to make it. I guess that’s why TT and MM get the big bucks!"

Scott Tolzien watches as a play against the Eagles unfolds in 2013..

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

I know the cuts are done and who they kept, but I think it was the decision that had to be made and I am glad they made it. We all saw how horrible the entire backup situation looked last year. With Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn at backup, I think Rodgers has a phenomenal year. Cut one of them and he goes down in two weeks! Law of averages … haha!

In all seriousness, however, at least with both of them we should have someone competent manning the most important backup position on the team. Both had good preseasons and helped me be able to sleep at night after dealing with the B.J. Coleman, Seneca Wallace, and Vince Young circus of last year.

Thanks to everyone for the great questions this week! Keep posting them to the comments section below, our Facebook page, or reach us via Twitter.

You guys rock, and until next mailbag – Go Pack Go! and beat Seattle!