Green Bay Packers mailbag: The eighth edition


Hey Green Bay Packers fans!

Today is mediocre Monday, as in the performance we saw in the season opener.

Sure, the offense would’ve looked a little better if not for Bryan Bulaga having to drop out due to injury, but the whole team should not feel like they made progress toward the Super Bowl. It’s time to step back, take a look at the tape, and adjust.

Remember folks, this is not a race and there are 15 games left.

Remember folks, this is not a race and there are 15 games left. While our beloved Packers may not be 15-1 at the end of the year, if they can put some things together we can see a playoff push akin to 2010.

But not if the defense stays the same that’s for sure.

On to the weekly poll!

We asked, “Can Brad Jones rebound from his horrific start?”

58 voters (including myself, a whopping 81 percent) voted that he is completely done. I cannot say I blame them given the missed tackles, poor coverage, and killer penalties.

I was somewhat surprised we had anyone vote contrary after watching his performance, with 14 votes saying he’ll right the ship and do OK.

Now, for the questions!

Green Bay Packers inside linebacker Brad Jones has a sure interception knocked from his hands during the first half at CenturyLink Field last Thursday. Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brand (a weekly regular) asked …

“Why not give Carl Bradford the chance at ILB? I mean can he really be any worse than Brad Jones?”

Normally I would be the level headed, give-him-a-chance-to-get-his-head-out-of-the-ground kind of person. But after Thursday all I saw was incompetence. Jones did not play well after he got paid last year, and he has continued the trend into this year.

Josh McPeak wrote a great article on Bradford here.

I still think Jamari Lattimore will see the field first, however. He’s next in line and he did play pretty well last year. Given he is on a one-year contract it’s time to see how Lattimore might do. If he fails, Bradford can be a last resort rather than the main fallback.

TheDannysaur asked …

“Why did the Packers completely abandon the deep ball” and “Was it simply poor game planning?

Well, in Mike McCarthy’s talk after the game, he mentioned “We were trying to be in the perfect call instead of giving our guys clean calls.” I agree with that assessment as well as his mentioning that the players played unsettled. Aaron Rodgers definitely was the first bit.

The game reminds me of the Packers in past where the running game did not get going, the other team forced the Packers to play their game, and Green Bay fell apart. The Packers are at their best when imposing their will on other teams. Take that away and you can beat them. Aaron Rodgers can only do so much himself.

Mike Covington asked …

“How many losses are we going to get to before Dom Capers gets fired?”

If the Packers finish like last year he will definitely get fired. 8-8 will not do it. I just do not know that I see him getting fired midway through the season. If games play out like last Thursday night, though, it may be sooner rather than later. Four or five straight games like that and he just might exit Lambeau early. A few players just might follow him out as well given half the defense did not look like they wanted to tackle anyone.

Marcy Coughlin asked …

Aaron Rodgers passes the ball against the Seattle Seahawks during the second half at CenturyLink Field. Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports photograph

“Is Aaron still feeling the effects of the broken collarbone?”

I think he is feeling more of the rust of not playing in the regular season than the collarbone. It also does not help when your first test of the year is the Super Bowl champions who won with the best defense in the NFL. He will be fine and back to form picking on Rex Ryan’s terrible corners next week. At least as long as the offensive line can hold back the Jets’ front seven.

Rod Palmer asked …

Will the Green Bay Packers pick up or trade for a linebacker and defensive tackle?”

As far as trade we would have a better chance of Ray Nitschke coming back for a last hurrah at linebacker. Ted Thompson just does not do trades. I am sure he is monitoring the wire for any possibilities for signings, but the chances of it are slim. With Mike Pennel and Jamari Lattimore waiting in the wings we will most likely see a next-man-up than a quick signing/trade.

Finally, Paul Lee asked …

“Why not add Richie Incognito to gain some veteran experience to the line?”

While a good thought and a decent talent, he is not the type of player you need in a locker room. Sooner or later someone is just going to be who they are, and the Packers do not need that kind of presence or distraction. Lane Taylor would do just fine.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed this last week and we will be back this weekend!