Green Bay Packers Mailbag: The Ninth Edition


Aug 9, 2014; Nashville, TN, USA; Green Bay Packers tackle Bryan Bulaga (75) on the sidelines against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Green Bay Packers fans! Who is ready for some football today? I am excited to watch the home opener and beat those New York Jets!

On to the mailbag question of the week, “Who wins out Sunday, the Jets front seven or the Packers offensive line?” 30 (83%) of you voted for the Packers offensive line, one that hopefully will feature Bryan Bulaga on Sunday.

The other 17% (6 votes) voted in favor of a stout Jets front seven led by Muhammad Wilkerson and Defensive Rookie of the Year Sheldon Richardson.

I honestly did not vote myself. I want the Packers offensive line to win out, and I trust most of them, but that is a tough front to face. Crossing my fingers for our boys.

Now for our questions!

Bob Wysocki asked …

"“If the defense continues to underperform like the last few years will we finally look to replace Dom Capers?”"

One would hope. It is early in the season so we have not heard any word from Mike McCarthy on it. I do think this is the year that if the defense underachieves again given the amount of talent being injected into it, McCarthy will make a move. Somewhat hoping our current opponent, the New York Jets, disappoint and we can get a hold of their head coach (Mr. Sexy Rexy himself) as our defensive coordinator. But that’s just wishful thinking.

Mr. Mike Brand asked …

"“What players will still be in Green Bay in 2015? I know we will lose either Matt Flynn or Scott Tolzien, but what other players will lose their jobs after this season?”"

It’s always hard to say just because at the beginning of the year no one has proven their worth, or that they are just worthless. If I had to guess though, Brad Jones is gone, and so is B.J. Raji, John Kuhn, Tramon Williams (due to depth at corner), Nick Perry, and maybe even Morgan Burnett if he repeats last year.

Robert asked …

"“Has anyone received an answer to what exactly is an aoemba defense and what it is supposed to accomplish? I’ve heard no mention of it other than from Chris Collinsworth. It resembled my sons peewee football defense by the eye test.”"

I have looked around for things on the amoeba defense to try and answer it. The easiest description is that it is a “floating defensive front,” and what it is supposed to accomplish is confuse the quarterback as to where the pressure is coming from. That is about as close as it comes.

Ben asked …

"“Yes the defense let us down last week; what’s new? But I think what was more concerning is how rattled and hesitant Aaron Rodgers played.”"

I do not think we should be too worried by Aaron Rodgers having a tough day. Seattle’s defense did that to one of the greatest quarterbacks on the planet in Peyton Manning, and at least we got further than he did. Rodgers is going to have bad days, but he does a great job rebounding from tough games and should remind us of his dominance versus the Jets.

Rob Demovsky from had some good stats on Rodgers rebounding from bad games HERE.

Greg Peterson asked …

"“My big question is what is the Packers best option at tight end?”"

Brandon Bostick has practiced this week and is listed as probable, and he seems like the guy Rodgers would like to have on the field. He is the closest to resembling Jermichael Finley in the receiving game. He can add that stretch-the-field element that was lacking versus Seattle.

Lastly, Bill Buckland asked …

"“Will Bryan Buluga start on Sunday?”"

According to the injury report there is a decent chance. Bulaga is listed as questionable. He was limited in practice, but the good news is they had a smaller size practice today and we did not end up with any news on him. At this point, no news is good news.

Thanks again to you fantastic Packers fans who continue to root for the best team out there and ask some of the greatest questions!

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We’ll be monitoring all those available options over the next few days and will publish our tenth mailbag post late next weekend.

Can’t wait to hear from you!