Green Bay Packers: Week Three Silver Linings

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is pressed by Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Mike Neal during the first quarter at Ford Field. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Pass Rush

Dom Capers heard Packers Nation’s cries and he’s doing something about it.

He’s revamping the pass rush and he’s doing it in a premiere way.

The 3-4 defensive scheme came under heavy fire last year because our personnel wasn’t generating enough of a pass rush and allowing opposing quarterbacks way too much time in the pocket.

Everyone called for another switch back to the 4-3 defense.

Well, Capers will do you one better (and stranger…). We are now inhabiting the land of the 2-5 defensive scheme.

Yes, with just two defensive lineman and 5 linebackers, the Packers are generating pass rush from all over the line of scrimmage.

It’s freeing up rushers like Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers to attack the quarterback in new and unique ways.