Green Bay Packers: Week Three Silver Linings

7 of 7

Green Bay Packers defensive end Julius Peppers. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Julius Peppers

Is there anyone out there who can still say that the Green Bay Packers made a mistake picking up 13-year (washed up?) veteran, Peppers?

I was a believer from the beginning and I’ll tell you what, I am ecstatic that this guy is in Green and Gold. I saw him disrupting plays all day from the linebacker position and it sure seems like he is feeling much more free and comfortable in his new position.

He had a key strip sack to stop the Lions drive in the red zone, though it wasn’t followed up by any offensive production (the norm for the Packers offensive unit on Sunday).

It’s good news that the defensive unit is finally getting its act together. I’m happy to see some production out of this group, especially because they have talent on that side of the ball and they have been unable to use it.

If things continue on this way, we can expect good things in the future, especially from this much-maligned Packers defense.