Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears: Talkin’ smack with Bears fan


This week, I had the opportunity to get nose-to-nose with Michael Praser of, the Chicago Bears site under the FanSided umbrella.

With so much riding on Sunday’s game, we decided to forego the rather stale option of answering each other’s questions about about the game and instead to throw barbs at one another and talk a little smack about the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

After all, when you’re standing around the water cooler or keg this weekend with your Chicago Bears friends, I’m sure you’re not going to be talking about the weather … are you?

No, you are most likely going to be calling Jay Cutler names and exclaiming how Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers are going to make Cutler’s life a living Hell.

So, with that in mind, Michael and I jumped right in with the following exchange … enjoy … and add your own smack (keep it clean) in the comment section below.

First off, here is an introduction by Mr. Praser:

"My name is Michael Praser and I have been a staff writer for Bear Goggles On for over a year now. I have been a die-hard Bears fan ever since I went to my first game over 10 years ago and I have never looked back. I’m also a Cubs fan since birth, so I know a little something about disappointment year after year."


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is sacked by Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley during the third quarter at Ford Field. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photograph

(Great win for the Lions on Sunday … *snicker*

So Ray, it’s finally here. The first matchup of our favorite rivalry, Bears vs. Packers. The Bears are coming off two prime time road victories and the Pack are … not so much. What happened against the Lions on Sunday? I mean, come on. It’s the Lions. They just lost one of their best linebackers to a season ending injury because he can’t dance.


Yes, Mike … there’s nothing better than Bears week here in Wisconsin. We love talking smack with our Bears fans who are also our co-workers. We love talking badly about “smokin'” Jay Cutler and his cadre of misfits in Chicago. BTW, we have an extra tutu for Jay, if you want to let him know.

As for Detroit … Can’t wait until Donkey Kong Suh gets hold of Cutler and rips his tutu off and stomps on it! We won’t talk about last Sunday’s game. It was ugly and we shall forget about it. It’s time to move on to thinking about how to beat the Bears and anticipating yet another Aaron-Rodgers-to-Randall-Cobb dagger that will send the Bears home with their tails between their legs … wait! Do Bears have tails to tuck between their legs? Well, if not, let’s just say we’re looking forward to humiliating them once again on that mangled turf they call a playing field in Chicago.


I knew that Wisconsin had beer and cheese, glad to know you have ample supply of tutus as well. Do they come in camo?

I thought the stomping that Suh gave Aaron Rodgers should have tied you over enough until the Bears play the Lions on Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving game as well. Glad you brought it up.

As for the dagger of Rodgers to Cobb, ugh … Not so glad that you brought that up. That one still hurts.  I wouldn’t call it turf, more like painted dirt with loose sod sitting on top. Some of the worst field conditions in the NFL, yet it doesn’t seem to help the home team that much. It really doesn’t help any team that plays on it.

I do remember the first meeting between the Bears and the Packers last year. Don’t worry, one play Shea broke his hand and probably won’t be playing on Sunday. Instead, the swiss cheese offensive line of the Packers is going to have to contend with Jeremiah Ratliff, Jared Allen, Willie Young and Lamarr Houston. Jared Allen has sacked Rodgers 15.5 times in 13 games including 2 safeties. What will be the Packers plan to keep Rodgers upright? More importantly, why is Green Bay’s offensive line still an issue after all these years?


Doesn’t Jay Cutler look manly? Photo Credit:

Yes, we have plenty of tutus for ol’ Jay. And yes, they come in camo … something that he will need to wear in hopes that he blends into the old, tired dirt that lays within Soldier Field. He will have to do plenty of hiding from his former teammate, Julius Peppers.

Speaking of old and tired, did I mention Jared Allen? If you look back, the bulk of those 15 sacks of Rodgers came several years ago when he was young and Rodgers inexperienced. Allen was stonewalled by then-rookie left tackle David Bakhtiari for not even a mention last year. I expect the same this week.

But given the fact that the Packers’ offensive line has indeed had plenty of holes so far this season, they better come up with a plan this week to keep the Bears at bay. And speaking of holes … if only they would open some for Eddie Lacy and co. It’s time the Packers’ run game gets going … it couldn’t come at a better time than this week.

And why is the Packers offensive line still an issue? It’s an annual event in Wisconsin – kinda like deer hunting, Christmas and New Year’s Day. We wouldn’t feel normal if the Packers’ offensive line didn’t suck.

But of course they don’t suck as much as Da Bears …


I don’t know how much the Bears actually suck considering they just beat the 49ers last week, something that the Packers couldn’t do in the Playoffs for the last two years. As long as we are discussing things that suck, let’s get back to the Packers run game.

Over three games, Eddie Lacy is only averaging 3.1 yards per attempt. Aaron Rodgers has a better average at 4.7 yards per attempt then your stud running back. What is going on in Green Bay? Lacy was breaking arms and heads last year, gaining a 4.1 yards per attempt. Is it play calling, offensive line, or Lacy himself? What do you see?


Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews sacks Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports photograph

No doubt the Packers run game has gotten off to a slow start, but they did last year, too. Like Aaron Rodgers said today, it’s time to R-E-L-A-X … Packers fans want results immediately, but we’ll be patient. After all, if there’s a better team to help the Packers run game come to life it’s the Bears. Remember what Lacy and co. did to the Bears last year? Maybe rewind the tape … but if you don’t want to do that, just wait until Sunday and you can watch it live!

Like Mike McCarthy says, “statistics are for losers.”

Now, I’m not calling you a loser … just quoting the head coach 🙂


Gotcha, Mike McCarthy is calling me a loser. That’s okay. At least my team is 2-1 with a victory coming on Sunday to put the Packers with the Vikings at the bottom of the division.

Yes, I remember what Lacy did to the Bears last year.  This is a different defense this year. The Bears are focused on stopping the run and so far they have been doing a much better job than the pitiful performance of last year. Jared Allen might be getting yellow in the tooth, but he is still relentless and has a motor that just won’t stop.

My biggest concern is going to be the state of the Bears secondary, especially the safeties. I think coaches were about to suit up to play safety at the end of the game on Monday night. How is the safety situation panning out in Green Bay? Is your 1stround draft pick playing as good as ours?


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photograph

OK, so you got me on the record thing. Yes, the Packers are 1-2, but I would like to think they are the best 1-2 team in the league.

But I have to disagree with you on your thinking the Packers will be a cellar-dweller with the Vikings – now that would be just cruel. Being associated in any way with the Vikings is just plain bad. I would not like that and neither would the Packers.

I have to agree with you about the Bears’ defense. They are much more aggressive against the run, but you’re also right about the safeties. If Rodgers can get the long ball going, he might have the Bears reeling by the second quarter. If not, well, it could be a long day.

As for the first-rounders – I was really pissed when the Bears picked Kyle Fuller. For the month before the draft, I had Fuller at the top of the Packers board and was convinced they were going to take him.

That said, he’s a good player who will help the Bears for years. However, I like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, too. He’s a playmaker who also seems to be around the ball all the time. He picked up his first INT last week.

I think both these players will be assets for their teams.

But to turn the tables on you, let me ask you about your offensive line. Injuries have obviously hurt; the Jets seemed to be in Cutler’s face all night long. Do you think ol’ Julius Peppers might have something to say about playing in his old backyard and against his former QB?


Green Bay Packers defensive end Julius Peppers. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Well, if last year is any indication of how Peppers will do in Soldier Field, you might as well have him hold a clip board on the sideline.

The only game he played like himself was against Baltimore and that was when it looked like Soldier Field was going to be transported to OZ. The Bears will be more concerned about Clay Matthews than Julius Peppers.

The Jets have one of the best, if not the best front 7 in the NFL. They are always in the face of quarterbacks. That being said, I think that the Bears offensive line did a great job at minimizing how much they got to Cutler.

Injuries to Center Roberto Garza and Guard Matt Slauson were devastating the first week of the season. Garza has not been missed in my opinion at Center, but the run game has missed Matt Slauson big time. Brian de la Puente has filled in at center with only one or two hiccups so far on exchanges.

I don’t see him being pushed around as much as Garza usually is, so I think he is doing a remarkable job. Ola has been filling in for Slauson, but he doesn’t have the nastiness that Slauson has. Slauson is a great and creating holes for Matt Forte and Ola so far is okay for a fill in. As for Garza and Slauson, I don’t think they will be back in the lineup for this Sundaybut the offensive line is not a weakness for the Bears anymore even with the injuries.

They just can’t afford any more or they will be in big trouble. What is your opinion of Peppers so far this season? I didn’t see much out of him when I watched the Packers lose to the Seahawks.


I see Peppers improving each week. With each game you see him becoming more comfortable in his new role. He lines up everywhere and gives the Packers a dimension they haven’t had in the past – with Clay Matthews on the other side, they have flashed some really good things in the early going.

That said, if I were a Bears fan, I wouldn’t be so worried about either Clay Matthews or Julius Peppers as single players, but I would be really concerned about the combination of these two players.

The sack, strip and fumble recovery Peppers pulled against Matthew Stafford was an athletic play that only someone like he can accomplish. I look forward to seeing more of him … actually we hope Jay Cutler sees a lot of Peppers on Sunday.


Green Bay Packers defensive end Julius Peppers rushes Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

So let’s have it Ray, what is your prediction for the game on Sunday?

This is what I see happening on Sunday.

The Bears put a lot of pressure on Aaron Rodgers, get a turnover or two and use the opportunities to score one more touchdown than the Packers with around 5 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Aaron Rodgers plays like Aaron Rodgers and finds Nelson wide open in the secondary and makes some amazing throw to tie the game up.

Typical Bears vs. Packers stuff. It will probably will be Chris Conte who blows the coverage. Then, Jay Cutler marches down the field, almost throws an interception to none other than Julius Peppers, but he drops it.

They get into field goal range with an amazing run by Matt Forte and attempt to kick a field goal on second down with 20 seconds to go. They fumble the snap, recover and then kick the game winning field goal on third down.

Bears 27 Packers 24


Wow! Michael, you have a vivid imagination. I agree that this will be a close game with both defenses scoring a touchdown in a relatively low-scoring, high action affair.

But as an aside, I don’t see Julius Peppers dropping anything thrown his way by Jay Cutler … if that happens, you better believe that Peppers is going to catch it … and probably return it for a touchdown.

That aside, I don’t think this one is going to come down to a field goal. It will be close, as I mentioned above, but I think the Packers offense will finally find itself in the second half – and it will be sparked by none other than the Packers run game.

With a mix of pass and run, the Packers will find a way to control the clock with two 12-play drives that result in second half touchdowns to put the game away.

There will be no last minute heroics, no last-second field goal … no, nothing like that.

This game will come down to pure fundamental football.

Packers 24 Bears 17