Will the real Green Bay Packers stand up?

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1 They’ve climbed their way back to the top as the league’s best team. Russell Wilson put on a show Monday night. 2(3)
2 That offense got it cranked up like old times against the Cardinals. Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning. 2(4)
3 Philip Rivers is the MVP right now. He is playing at such a high level. One more thing: Chargers have the top scoring defense in the league. 2(5)
4 That was a tough situation they ran into in New England. But they sure didn’t help it much with all the mistakes. 3(1)
5 Losing one quarterback is hard enough. Losing two is too much to overcome. Despite it all, they were in the Denver game in the fourth, which is a good sign. 3(2)
6 They are finding ways to win games, but they are not playing well. That has to change this week against the Giants. 1(7)
7 At 4-1, they are one of the major surprises of the season. Who saw this coming? 3(10)
8 Winning consecutive games has this team back on track. They are back to being a physical team on both sides of the ball. 1(9)
9 Andrew Luck is having an MVP-type season, but the defense is making strides too. That’s the key the rest of the way. 2(11)
10 After a slow start, the offense is back rolling again. The defense came up big against the Vikings too. 2(12)
11 Three consecutive victories has them back in the thick of the division race. They have a big one this week with the Eagles. 5(16)
12 So much for the thinking Tom Brady is done. He put that to rest against the Bengals. 6(18)
13 They are having problems defending the pass, ranking 27th in the league. That has to be fixed. 7(6)
14 The Lions suffered a bad loss to the Bills and now they have a lot of injuries. They have to get it right in a hurry. 6(8)
15 They head to their bye with a 2-3 record and in the tough AFC West, they better get it going after they get back. 2(17)
16 Cam Newton is playing some good football. He will have to carry this team this season. 5(21)
17 They have a key division game Thursday against the Colts. It’s a chance to show their 3-2 start is for real. 4(13)
18 They are 3-2, but it’s a weird 3-2. They just haven’t looked that good. 1(19)
19 Kyle Orton is 1-0 as the starter. Now comes a big one against the Patriots for the division lead. 4(23)
20 With their defense, they will have to outscore every team on a weekly basis. They also can’t win on the road. 6(14)
21 They are 28th in scoring defense, which won’t cut it the rest of the way. At least the offense has it going now. 5(26)
22 They’ve been dominated in the second half the past two weeks, and both ended in losses. Now they face a second consecutive road game at Atlanta, which plays well at home. 7(15)
23 They come off the bye with a little momentum after beating Oakland two weeks ago. Can it continue? 1(22)
24 Brian Hoyer is doing a lot of good things. I am more concerned about the defense.  (24)
25 Teddy Bridgewater is back this week, and that’s a good thing. They were lost without him against Green Bay. 5(20)
26 Austin Davis has done some good things, and should continue to start. Where is Robert Quinn? 1(25)
27 They showed well on their two-game road trip, winning one and playing the Saints tough, but at 1-4 they have to get it going. 1(28)
28 Geno Smith or Mike Vick? Does it matter? This is a team lacking playmakers. 1(27)
29 At least they competed against the Seahawks. It was better than the week before, but at 1-4 they have problems.  (29)
30 Blowing a 25-point lead to the Cleveland Browns at home should not happen. The defense is 27th in scoring defense, which isn’t good.  (30)
31 The improvement on defense against the Steelers is a good sign. At least they competed.  (31)
32 Tony Sparano to the rescue. Did I just write that? I doubt that happens, even if he buried a football as a hokey motivational gesture this week.  (32)