Green Bay Packers or Miami Dolphins? Lombardiave staffers predict


Here we are heading into the Green Bay Packers Week 6 matchup against the Miami Dolphins … and with it comes staffers predictions.

Take a look below and don’t forget to leave your own predictions in the comments below …

Josh McPeak

Josh McPeak: The Packers roll into Miami to face a familiar face in Joe Philbin. This one is hard to predict as the Dolphins have been a rollercoaster.

Averaging 35.5 points per game in their two wins, but on the flip-side a dismal 12.5 points per game in their two losses.

A bothersome stat is the fact Miami is averaging 142.3 yards per game rushing (fifth best in the NFL). Green Bay is dead last in rushing yards per game to opponents at 163.

Knowshon Moreno also makes his return this week along with center Mike Pouncey. However, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers are hotter than a Todd Gurley autograph right now.

In the end, Jordy Nelson will be too much for the secondary of the Fins. Also, look for Rodgers to establish a premier tight end this week between Andrew Quarless and Richard Rodgers.

Packers 31 Dolphins 23

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: In the sweltering heat the Packers will prevail. I’m optimistic and probably still riding a bit of a high from last week’s victory over the Vikings at Lambeau.

But nevertheless I like how the team is playing. The offense is efficient and the defense is creating turnovers and playing to their strengths. Lots of talk about Joe Philbin knowing the Packers inside and out. But keep in mind the Packers have a pretty good read on Joe as well.

I predict the Packers offense will put enough points on the board to make Ryan Tannehill be the difference-maker. And a difference he will not make.

Packers 24 Dolphins 17

Dan Dahlke

Dan Dahlke: Miami’s pass rush and running game could give the Packers some problems, especially on the road.

I don’t think Green Bay will look quite as sharp as they did against Chicago and Minnesota, but I think they’ll still do enough to pull this one out down the stretch.

Green Bay 24 Miami 17

Luke Hanish

Luke Hanish: Since when has good weather been predicted to decide the outcome of a game? Apparently that’s the case here as the heat, of all things, is expected to play a role in the Dolphins matchup.

It will be interesting to see if the defense can come away with another spirited effort having had a few extra days off.

Offensively the Packers should be fine unless a hit or miss popup shower decides to show up. There’s no reason Eddie Lacy shouldn’t continue to punish the Miami defense.

No reason Packers shouldn’t roll here.

Packers 35 Dolphins 17

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: After three weeks of improvement culminating in that dominant win against Minnesota, we can expect a bit of a step back by the Packers on the defensive side.

In the Miami heat, they will be able to move the ball pretty well, especially on the ground. Fortunately, the Packers will be up-to-task with moving the ball on offense, and the rediscovered running game will help save the defense just enough for them to make a few key plays toward the end to seal another tough win.

Green Bay 27 Miami 23

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: I was going to try to come up with something witty encompassing South Beach, Jennifer Lopez, and Ace Ventura. In the end I could come up with nothing that would combine all three of those into something spectacular, fun and exciting.

So with that in mind I’ll take the Packers to win …

Green Bay 27 Miami 14

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson: The blazing Miami sun is the polar opposite of Lambeau’s frozen tundra.

But guess what?

These are grown-up men playing a grown-up sport.

I say the Packers’ D again comes to play, and I don’t think Miami matches up with the Rodgers-led offense.

Packers 34 Dolphins 16

David Burdette

David Burdette: Say goodbye to Lambeau’s chill and say hello to the South Beach heat. Green Bay and company are ready for a showdown with the Miami Dolphins.

It might be a toughie with Miami’s strength of a running game up against our weakness of a run defense. Knowshon Moreno is back, but will he be at full strength? And will the running game do enough to help Ryan Tannehill score some points?

These are the questions.

Aaron Rodgers seems to be ready to light up the scoreboard, but can the offensive line give him time when Cameron Wake is knocking on the door? Eddie Lacy will be key to keeping the opposing defense honest.

Packers win despite more than 150 yards on the ground by Miami because of more than 400 yards from Rodgers.

Packers 31 Dolphins 24

Jerry Bulone

Jerry Bulone: This is a bad spot for Green Bay.

They are coming off two big divisional wins, the last one being in prime time, they are at Miami, and playing against a coach that helped McCarthy develop the very offense he runs today.

Also Miami has the third-ranked defense in the NFL. This is prime letdown material, and quite frankly a pretty easy pick.

Miami 27 Green Bay 23

Coalter Hansen

Coalter Hansen: The Packers travel down to Miami to take on a pesky Dolphins squad.

Even though the Dolphins have gotten the better of the Packers in recent history, history won’t repeat itself.

Close throughout, Packers never do pull away, but pull one out.
Packers 24 Dolphins 20

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: A reunion with former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and his new staff won’t be enough to spoil the Packers’ momentum coming into this game.

Despite Week one’s outburst of 36 points the Packers have allowed 24, 19, 17, and 10 points since then.

They are turnover-hungry and with the offense steamrolling the Packers will continue by notching their third win in a row.

Packers 31 Dolphins 13

Doug Etten

Doug Etten: Two words this week: EDDIE LACY

It’s easy to think we will see Aaron Rodgers tearing apart another defense, but I really think it’s Eddie Lacy who makes the offensive statement this week for the Packers.

While defensively the Packers have shown improvements, I still think there are a few questions to be answered in regard to the defensive backfield.

Lacy runs wild, the Packers struggle to stop Tannehill and Mike Wallace; Oh yeah, that lonesome kicker who a big play or two, and the Packers wins by a couple of field goals.

Packers 27 Dolphins 21

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: So many picking this Packers vs. Dolphins game point to the weather conditions giving the Dolphins the advantage. Don’t think that the Packers aren’t accustomed to the heat as well, Take a look down through the Packers’ roster and you will see that many of the guys are from Texas, Florida, California and other southern states. They love the heat, too.

That said, I expect both Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers to continue their roll on the offensive side of the ball, while the defense, especially the defensive backfield, make enough plays to help the Packers leave South Florida with their fourth win of the season.

It might be a struggle in the first half, but look for Rodgers and the offense to find their groove in the second half as the Packers roll.

Packers 33 Dolphins 17