Here’s how views Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers

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Ted Thompson hit a home run with Eddie Lacy, a hard-nosed runner who has given the team a new dimension.

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Eddie Lacy

• Eddie Lacy’s numbers this year appear to be down from previous. Do you feel he is involved enough or is it just a byproduct of an offense that is pass-heavy?

A. The Packers’ run game has performed well below expectations.

Eddie Lacy had a great night against the Vikings a couple of weeks ago, but slipped back against the Dolphins last week.

The blocking against some of the best run defenses in the league (Seattle, Detroit, New York Jets and Dolphins) has been weak, but everyone continues to hope that the Packers, with a combination of Lacy and backup James Starks, can continue to build on what they’ve done so far and take it to the next level.

Will it be this weekend against the Panthers? That remains to be seen, but something has to break soon.

Lacy and Starks are simply too talented to continue in this pattern.