Green Bay Packers: The ‘Pack Attack’ is back

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The Green Bay Packers are sitting well as they near the second half of the season. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

As the Green Bay Packers 2014 season has taken form, the NFL sees a few things that sends a message to the fans, like that their team is doing well, or not so well.

Packers Nation has a few things to be thankful for this season, and don’t expect this season to be a lost year, there are some things going on that might be impossible to stop, such as the passing attack.

We’ve seen this team start up and grow during the 90s and come into their own a few times with an attack with which others couldn’t compete. Along with the glory came the defeat.

This year, we’ve seen them both. So far, this offense has come into being slowly. In that growth pattern, the team took a couple of losses, like a fourth round KO, while other games were recently like first and second round KOs for the team.

That history is over and things are in full swing.