Green Bay Packers: The ‘Pack Attack’ is back

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Aaron Rodgers reacts after throwing the game winning touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. The Packers won 27-24. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Packers know how to win

So do not let some of these all-important stats fool you. In looking at them, the Packers might be a middle of the road team,  if it weren’t for the Aaron Rodgersto-Nelson, Cobb and the rest of this air attack that bows to no one.

Rodgers has 141 completions, off of 211 passing attempts, giving him a very healthy a 66.8 completion percentage, with 18 passing TDs, while throwing only one interception.

With one statistic not counted – that being scoring in the 2-minute warning.

Obviously, the team with the most points wins, and that margin of victory has been held in a few games during the last couple of minutes, with the go-ahead score with 1:51 left in the game, and with 3 seconds, for example.

Aaron Rodgers has become as good at the 2-minute game as Brett Favre was before him. That is one heavy duty statement. Brett Favre was one of the all-time greats at the ball control game, making for scores in the closing seconds, after a drive, often with no time outs available, in the most exciting finishes football can offer.

Aaron Rodgers has stepped into Favre’s boots, and in time has become the NFL’s top dog in this capacity, with the only thing holding him back at this stage of his career being another Super Bowl game to win.