Green Bay Packers: Midseason Missteps – ‘Let’s Be Honest’

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Can Green Bay Packers offensive line coach James Campen get his unit moving in the second half of the season? Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Run Blocking

For the most part, the Packers offensive line hasn’t been able to spring Eddie Lacy for any kind of big gains.

Anything that Lacy has garnished on the ground, has come after the first contact was made.

In the beginning of the season, Lacy stuck to his route – up the middle and between the tackles – more often than not. There hasn’t been any type of holes there.

Only just recently did Lacy begin taking matters into his own hands and bouncing outside. He has had a couple of huge runs and even a touchdown off of a planned run up the middle being bounced out to the sideline and through any defender in the way.

It’s sad to see that Lacy’s confidence took some time to build this season – based solely off of no help from the offensive line. I still can’t say that it is fully back, but getting him involved in the passing game has really helped to encourage him to make the most of his touches.

Behind Lacy and James Starks, the Packers should be a great, balanced attack between land and air.

Rodgers would be able to get so much more use from the play action game if our runners were able to garnish respect from opposing defenses.

That all starts up front …