Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears: Throwback Thursday

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It’s Chicago Bears week and as Green Bay Packers fans we love to take a look back at nearly 200 matchups over the course of 94 years …

And through the wonders of YouTube we can even watch many of the highlights of some of the great games that have occurred.

Mike Ditka

Be it the “Instant Replay” game of 1989, the NFC Championship Game of 2010, the matchups that took place during the 1980s when Mike Ditka roamed the Bears sideline and Forrest Gregg growled on the Packers sidelines.

And who can forget last season’s dramatic ending to the two teams’ Week 17 game … we all know how that ended and will most likely never forget it – nor will Bears fans.

So, with tonight being Thursday, we thought a look back at a few of those magical – and not-so-magical moments – were in line.

Take the time to step back in time and to take a look at these clips that will most likely bring back memories – both good and bad.

We can once again feel lucky that the replay official saw what we saw back on Nov. 5, 1989, when Don Majkowski threw that dart into the end zone for the touchdown that beat the Bears with less than 30 seconds left in the game; maybe it was the “Raji dance” after he completed his pick-six in the NFC Championship game back in 2010.

Whenever you’ve got a rivalry of the magnitude that is the Packers vs. the Bears, there are plenty of highlights and lowlights that have occurred … the following are just a few … turn the pages for some moments you should remember …