Green Bay Packers: Looking to get back on fantasy track

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Aaron Rodgers. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports photograph

The smoke has cleared and the Green Bay Packers hangover has ended.

It’s Chicago Bears week.

I don’t need to go into a big rant about how we got outplayed by the New Orleans Saints, we lived it, and no one liked it.

Now the focus is on Chicago and getting back into the thick of things for the playoffs.

For all of us that play fantasy football, the story is the same as the Packers.

Win the week.

If this week is anything like the last meeting between these two, you’ll be jumping for joy.

Let’s get after it.

Last week:

Aaron Rodgers – Projected – 27; Actual – 24

Eddie Lacy – Projected – 10; Actual – 17

Jordy Nelson – Projected – 17; Actual – 2

Randall Cobb – Projected – 14; Actual – 18

Davante Adams – Projected – 7; Actual – 7

Tight Ends – Projected – 2; Actual – 6

Defense – Projected – 5; Actual – (-4)

Mason Crosby – Projected – 10; Actual – 12

The biggest miss was by far Jordy Nelson. Keenan Lewis and company kept Jordy out of the game, but if you were a Randall Cobb owner you were more than happy with the extra attention. The defense was also a letdown on the field as well on the fantasy field, but they weren’t worthy of starting in the first place.

As always, Go Pack Go!

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