McPeak’s ‘State of the Packers’

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Eddie Lacy is proving to be a very valuable player in the passing game. The screen pass that made the Packers so hard to stop for years, appears to be back.

Lacy totaled 35 receptions for 257 yards and zero touchdowns in the 2013 season. He has 24 receptions for 277 yards and 1 touchdown in only 9 games this season.

The ‘Hammer’ is dangerous in the open field once he hauls in the ball. In his last two games he has receptions of 67 yards and 56 yards.

An 11.5 yard average per-reception is a great feat for a running back that catches most of his balls at the line-of-scrimmage.

You can also watch the film and see the offensive line 20 yards down the field delivering blocks, just like shades of the Pack from the past.

This should stick around, as Lacy has 14 receptions over the Packers last three games.