McPeak’s ‘State of the Packers’

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Mike McCarthy again proved he is a beast coming out of a bye week.

The only dark spot of this game was obviously when he tripped over a cord and it did not set well with him at all.

Green Bay rebounded better than you could ever ask for from their previous performance.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier as the fast-paced Philadelphia Eagles are the next opponent.

With the way Rodgers, Nelson, Randall Cobb, Lacy, Matthews and Peppers are playing I’m not too worried about any opponent.

Rodgers said to R-E-L-A-X and he was spot on.

If there is one concern, it would be the Packers’ ability to win on the road.

It appears the mystique of Lambeau Field is definitely back. Can Green Bay go on the road and win games that matter? Time will tell.

As for the current state of the Green Bay Packers, they just beat ‘Da Bears’ 55-14.

A franchise quarterback, running back, wide receiver and two linebackers are locked down for some time. The time has come, however, for Ted Thompson to lock up Randall Cobb.