Can the Green Bay Packers continue the frantic scoring?

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Eddie Lacy is starting to make a big impact.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

– Running Back –

For the first time in a long while I actually got relatively close on Eddie Lacy. Close enough that I only missed by 1 point.

The rushing yards are down but the receiving yards have done more than enough to spark Lacy.

Lacy found a few gaps getting a couple nice runs but the majority of the points came from a 56-yard screen pass that he took to the barn.

I think Rodgers is getting more comfortable throwing the check-down to Lacy (similar to how the Saints use Drew Brees).

Lacy should have similar production this week against the Eagles as they have the 17th overall defense against the run allowing just under 4 yards a carry.

The major factor will be if Lacy can get into the end zone.

Standard Scoring Projection: 16 points