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Nov 22, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) reacts and gets up from the turf after being hit during the second half on Thanksgiving against the New England Patriots at Metlife Stadium. Patriots defeated the Jets 49-19. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

LombardiAve:  How does it feel to have the fate of the Eagles’ season in the hands of Mark Sanchez – a player with a career highlight reel consisting of the ‘Butt Fumble’ and chowing down on a chili dog?

Insidetheiggles: Well, I expected this question. The nice thing about Mark Sanchez is that his head coach is Chip Kelly. Chip doesn’t give two snaps what anyone thinks about his quarterbacks. The preseason showed that Sanchez truly did “get it” and his work ethic is such that he’s already endeared himself to the coaching staff. This Eagles team flexes its game plan to suit the strengths.

What Sanchez lacks in familiarity with the team, he adds in being stoic and having lived through the disaster of New York, will find Philadelphia child’s play.

Sanchez has taken to Chip Kelly’s system, and had an immediate command of the pace and the offensive design. This is not “Sanchez’s team,” so the brunt of ire if he makes a mistake will not happen. His is simply to manage the game and execute a well-oiled offense. He can do that.

Sanchez will surprise. He has tremendous rapport with wide receiver Jordan Matthews. He can take a hit. He will make bad decisions if he faces pressure, but that will be fixed over time. I think he’s about as qualified of a backup as the Eagles could afford in the offseason. And Sanchez wants to do well. He’s on a one-year contract and is eager to get back on the gravy train.