Green Bay Packers: The morning after

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I told my wife after Sunday’s demolition of that football team once known as the Philadelphia Eagles, that I needed to be pinched to come out of my Green Bay Packers dream.

The Packers 53-20 victory was the perfect tonic that Packers fans needed yesterday to gain even more confidence in this 2014 edition.

This is a team that just three weeks ago couldn’t stop my grandmother from rushing the football; a team that could score points, but couldn’t keep the opposition out of the end zone.

Over the past two weeks, that has become a memory … or a nightmare that’s been long forgotten.

Today we awake to see the Packers back in first place after their win and the Detroit Lions’ loss in the desert of Arizona.

And we awake to the news that the Packers did it in many ways yesterday – offense, defense and special teams.

So, we take a quick jaunt around the Internet to see what others are writing about and what the Packers players and coaches are saying about their Sunday dismantling of the Eagles …

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