I told my wife after Sunday's demolition of that football team once known as t..."/>

I told my wife after Sunday's demolition of that football team once known as t..."/>

Green Bay Packers: The morning after

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Julius Peppers returns an interception 52yards for a touchdown in the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Q&A from Packers fans

Answered by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Q: Badgerbreeze, Oconomowoc WI – Is the addition of Julius Peppers having the same impact on the Packers defense as it had when Reggie White joined the fun in Green Bay?
  • A: Tyler Dunne – Badger: Wouldn’t go that far. Reggie White opened the door for people who weren’t in Green Bay to actually want to be in Green Bay… and then he played for six seasons. Peppers is on a three-year that could be one or two years. He has, however, been the presence the defense has lacked. On and off the field. As Tramon Williams said after last season, the Packers needed more experience. And so far, Peppers has known when to speak up in the locker room and has backed it up with his play. Not many players in the front seven other than Matthews have given offensive coordinators pause the last three years. Peppers — with the ability to line up in a 3-point stance, upright, rushing, dropping, etc. — does that.
  • Q: Tom Vander Schaaf , Detroit, MI – Hey Tyler – Thanks as always for the chat. Was it just a few splash plays that I noticed on TV, or did Letroy Guion legitimately have a really good game, and can he potentially be a big component of an improved D moving forward?
  • A: Tyler Dunne – Tom: Yeah, this was one of Letroy Guion’s better games it seemed. On one early second and 9, the Eagles tried catching the Packers on a screen to Darren Sproles. Sanchez looked left, circled back to his right and Guion read it the whole way, tracking down Sproles from behind for the stop. A rare play from a nose tackle. He now has 3.5 sacks on the season, too. It wasn’t very pretty early at Seattle, but he has settled into his role. While giving up 20-30 pounds vs. the run, Guion does make other plays B.J. Raji probably wouldn’t be able to make.
  • Q: Brian, Oakland – Who would have imagined the right combo for the LBs would be Hawk, Matthews, Peppers and Perry? Do you think this defense will continue to improve or might we expect a slide back?
  • A: Tyler Dunne – Brian: The guess here is that the Packers’ defense is more like the one you saw today than the one at New Orleans. That night, both Morgan Burnett and Sam Shields were out and it showed. The turnover trend has stuck so far — the Packers now have forced 22 turnovers (14 interceptions, eight fumbles). Obviously, facing the New England Patriots at home will be a major gauge, but so was tonight. The Eagles posted a bunch of empty yardage statistics, as McCoy, Maclin, Matthews and Sproles were non-factors when it mattered. They’ll have to win on the road, however, to eventually get those playoff games at home.