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Green Bay Packers Week 11: ‘Silver Linings’

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Eddie Lacy breaks a tackle by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Eddie Lacy

If it seems like these two guys are on every list – it’s because they are.

Lacy and Rodgers are getting a valuable rapport at the line of scrimmage. To have a check down that Rodgers can trust will go a long way in keeping Rodgers upright and giving Lacy the separation and space to get things moving down hill.

His catch and run 32-yard touchdown was insane. He broke at least 7 tackles, rumbling into the end zone and carrying four defenders on his back.

He’s a beast and he deserves to wear that Hulk Under Armor under his uniform.

He represents the green monster perfectly. Lacy is an integral part of the offense, whereas before he was lacking for touches. The coaching staff needed a way to get Lacy involved – and they did it.