Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: View from the enemy camp

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Rodgers is 0-2 against Brett Favre as a Viking

Home field advantage?

Lombardi Ave: Aaron Rodgers made the statement this week that he will miss the ‘hostile’ environment that the Metrodome provided. With the game being at TCF Bank Stadium in the outdoors, does it take away any home field advantage the Vikings would have over the Packers?

The Viking Age: Absolutely.

TCF Bank Stadium is a very different environment than the dome was.

The team’s poor performances recently, along with the cold weather conditions, may keep some Vikings fans away from the game. Sadly, Packers fans are riding a huge win streak of blowouts against good teams and are not afraid to travel to Minnesota to sit in the freezing temperatures.

I expect there to be a larger than usual group of Green Bay fans at The Gopher Hole on Sunday to almost give this the feeling of a road game for the Vikings.