Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons: View from the other side

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers won’t be in street clothes this year when he greets Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Lombardi Ave: So Harrison, tell the readers a little something about yourself and how you become a fan of the Atlanta Falcons.

Blogging Dirty:  Being from Australia, the NFL was something I had to seek out to keep up with. The first games I can definitively remember were with the DVD Falcons of Dunn, Vick and Duckett, and the team was just so exciting and unlike any group of athletes I’d seen. I was hooked, and after suffering through the 2007 Petrino/Harrington Falcons, the Matt Ryan/Mike Smith era came in and just solidified my love for the team further.

What about you Josh, tell us about yourself and how you became a Packers fan.

Lombardi Ave:  I’ve been a Green Bay fan ever since I can remember. My dad was a diehard Cleveland Browns fan but the only other team he would cheer for other than the Browns was the Packers. Don Majkowski was from the University of Virginia, so being from Virginia it’s likely the ‘Majik’ man hooked me. Brett Favre was my childhood idle and my passion for the Packers spiraled out-of-control from that point on. It’s been a great ride so far.

An Australian NFL fan – I have to say that is pretty cool. Monday Night Football will feature a match-up of two first place teams. While that seems exciting the Falcons are in first place with a record of 5-7 while the Packers are 9-3 coming off of a huge win against the New England Patriots. How do you think Matt Ryan will fare on a Monday night in Lambeau against the red hot Packers?

How did he think ‘Matty Ice’ would fare …