Fantasy Playoffs? The Green Bay Packers are ready

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

The Green Bay Packers may be coming off the biggest win they’ve had since the 2011 Super Bowl victory.

Though it was not a blow out, the Packers looked like they belonged with the elites of the NFL.

Even though the Packers win was awesome, they didn’t really surprise anyone with a ton of fantasy points. The lack of getting into the end zone really showed how much that can change the final score of a fantasy game.

With many of you hopefully starting playoffs this week or next week, now is the most important time to get it right when making your lineup.

With that said, let”s look at last weeks projections.

Last week:

Aaron Rodgers – Projected – 20; Actual – 24

Eddie Lacy – Projected – 18; Actual – 10

Jordy Nelson – Projected – 10; Actual – 11

Randall Cobb – Projected – 16; Actual – 8

Davante Adams – Projected – 6; Actual – 12

Tight Ends – Projected – 5; Actual – 10

Defense – Projected – 4; Actual – 1

Mason Crosby – Projected – 9; Actual – 13

It was really a tough weekend and I knew that going into the weekend. The Patriots were the biggest test to the Packers at Lambeau and the results reflected it. Luckily, the Packers will have an easier game this upcoming Monday.

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