Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons: staffers predict


Trying to predict the winner of the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons shouldn’t be too difficult – at least on paper.

We here at are ready to give our predictions …

Is this  trap game?

The Falcons come into Lambeau vying for a division title. They have plenty for which to play.

But the Packers are playing at home.

Your thoughts?

Leave some comments below … would love to hear your predictions …

In the meantime, here are our predictions:

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson: An Atlanta Falcons team that is playing much better than its 5-7 record is a concern, to be sure.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers even noted he expects to get Atlanta’s “best shot” on Monday night.

But I see a Packers team that is rolling, especially at home. Yes, I think the Falcons will score some points – I just think the Packers offense will score more.

I look for at least two turnovers by a fired-up Green Bay defense, and a mostly comfortable homefield victory.

Packers 38 Falcons 24

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: The tutu goes 8-0 for the season. Aaron Rodgers throws for 413 yards, five touchdowns and has a rating of 132.23.

The defense plays lights out and A.J. Hawk, who has been penned in some circles as having hit the career wall, shows the pundits he still has a lot to give.

He will record one sack and a fumble.

Packers 41 Falcons 17

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: Though they were seemingly dominant for most of the season so far, the level of competition was somewhat questionable. Wonder no more people; by beating the AFC’s best in the Patriots, Green Bay more than proved itself to be legitimate. If not for red-zone failures, we may have even been privy to yet another blowout at Lambeau.

But that was last week. This week brings a Monday night contest with the Falcons, and I have to say…I’m not worried. Sure, they have an elite-ish quarterback in Matt Ryan and a dominant WR in Julio Jones, but outside of that things are pretty barren at the moment. They are 5-7, injuries have wiped out their blockers, and the defense is once again abysmal.

Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and all of his receivers can be expected to put on a show for the Monday Night Football aficionados. I’m thinking the defense will manage to do the same, with the Falcons’ end score being aided by some garbage-time work.

Packers 38 Falcons 20

Coalter Hansen

Coalter Hansen: I believe you aren’t better than another team until you can prove you can beat them. The Packers have not proved that they can beat the Seahawks, just like the 49ers.

However, I think the Monday Night Football matchup should be a route.

Green Bay should be able to get out early on the poor defense of Atlanta, especially at Lambeau. Will it be one of the 40+ blowouts? Eh, probably not. Atlanta has too much riding on this game. But it will still be ugly.

Packers 41 Falcons 23

David Burdette

David Burdette: Looks like we’re back for another Lambeau blowout.

In a game where Matt Ryan hopes to channel the ghosts of playoffs past, Aaron Rodgers is simply playing at an MVP level. At home he just can’t be beat.

This one probably will come down to who stops who, and the Falcons can’t stop anybody.

Packers 42  Falcons 20

Dan VerDuin

Dan VerDuin: There is a chance this game could be close, and there is a chance this could be a blowout. I am leaning towards the latter.

Matt Ryan is still inconsistent, his run game is less than stellar, and his offensive line play is marginal.

On the flip side, Rodgers is playing at an all-pro level, and the defense is looking better and better each week. With the replacement of AJ Hawk for Sam Barrington, I am more confident in our defense than any other point this year.

Packers 34 Falcons 27

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: Trap game, trap game that’s all I seem to hear week in and week out.

Enough already.

This is a veteran Packers team that knows what it takes to bring home the bacon and conversely understands the feeling of letdown.

The Packers win this game in convincing fashion.

The defense continues to improve and Aaron Rodgers and the offense keep their machine well oiled.

Packers 35 Atlanta 17

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: People are talking about a trap game for the green and yellow, but the Packers won’t be falling for it.

As often as the Packers have played the Falcons in the last four years, they should be equipped and well aware of how to drub them again.

The Packers blew them out on the way to the Super Bowl a few years ago, thumped them on a prime time showing the next season after much talk from the Falcons and beat them last year at Lambeau with Matt Flynn at quarterback.

I bet you get my drift.

Packers win

Packers 38 Falcons 20

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: The Atlanta Falcons came to Lambeau last year with basically the same team and couldn’t win, even though Matt Flynn was the Packers’ quarterback.

This game won’t b close for one reason – Aaron Rodgers.

I expect he will go off once again and continue the Packers win streak at home. Maybe it won’t be a blowout like we saw against the Bears and Eagles, but the Packers will win easily, probably by a couple of touchdowns.

Look for Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to continue their domination; look for Eddie Lacy to use every one of his opportunities and also look for him to score a receiving touchdown.

And, of course, expect Aaron Rodgers to be, well, Aaron Rodgers.

Packers 40 Falcons 17