Aaron Rodgers is building his own legacy: Helping Green Bay Packers fans appreciate past and future

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Aaron Rodgers surveys the field against the New England Patriots. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Rodgers’ upside

Rodgers has upside.

Just look at the touchdown-to-interception ratio. It’s astonishing.

First of all, through 100 starts, Rodgers is far and away the best TD-INT ratio in the history of the league. He nearly doubles the next closest figure. He just doesn’t turn the ball over. He’s stingy with his passes, evidenced by his mantra: “if it isn’t ours, it’s nobody’s.”

Aaron Rodgers leads the Packers on and off the field. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Favre – well – as Packers fans, we just got used to the turnovers.

His upside seemed to outweigh the downside. He tossed a lot of touchdowns … but he also threw a whole lot of interceptions.

With Favre, we just learned that you have to take the good with the bad.

It was a part of life.

Life with Aaron Rodgers is more than just a little bit different. Regular rules do not apply.

We don’t have to take the good with anything other than good. It’s amazing.

Not only has Rodgers outperformed Favre in touchdown numbers, he’s nearly halved his interceptions. That is just outstanding. Why did we ever settle for less? And can we ever be “unspoiled” when the Rodgers era eventually comes to a close?