Will the Green Bay Packers struggle this week against Buffalo?

6 of 7

Davon House breaks up the pass intended for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones – one of the few plays the defense made in the second half last week. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

-Defense –


That is the one word I use for the Packers defense after halftime against the Falcons.

It was almost like the thought they didn’t have to play anymore after the 31-7 lead they had took them into the break.

Luckily the offense they face this week shouldn’t be AS potent.

Sam Shields had a rough outing against Julio Jones, and will likely match up with the extremely talented rookie, Sammy Watkins.

They will also be facing Kyle Orton who won’t impress you, but he also doesn’t make mistakes that jeopardize the team.

While the Bills are known for rushing the passer, the Packers basically disappeared last week. They will need to find that this weekend otherwise it will probably be another frustrating week.

Standard Scoring Projection: 6 points