The Green Bay Packers’ playoff chances


The Green Bay Packers took a big blow to their home field chances in the NFC playoffs by losing to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

So just where do the Packers stand and where could they end up?

Dec 8, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; A Green Bay Packers fan holds up a sign during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field. Green Bay won 43-37. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The current NFC playoff picture is as follows:

  1. Arizona Cardinals: 11-3 and leading the NFC West. (Remaining games: vs. Seattle Seahawks/@ San Francisco 49ers)
  2. Detroit Lions: 10-4 leading the NFC North. (Remaining games: @ Chicago Bears/ @ Green Bay Packers)
  3. Dallas Cowboys: 10-4 leading the NFC East. (Remaining games: vs. Indianapolis Colts/ @ Washington Redskins)
  4. Carolina Panthers: 5-8-1 leading the NFC South. (Remaining games: vs. Cleveland Browns/ @ Atlanta Falcons)
  5. Seattle Seahawks: 10-4 #1 Wild Card spot, head-to-head victory over the Green Bay Packers. (Remaining games: @ Arizona Cardinals/ vs. St. Louis Rams)
  6. Green Bay Packers: 10-4 #2 Wild Card spot (Remaining games: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers/ vs Detroit Lions)

If Green Bay wins out they will win the NFC North giving them no worse than a #2 seed.

The Packers are currently 7-3 versus the NFC and the Cowboys are 6-4. This gives the Packers the tiebreaker over the Cowboys.

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  • The Arizona Cardinals control home field.

    If they win out they clinch it. Seattle can also win the West if they win their next two or with a win next week versus Arizona and both Arizona and Seattle lose in week 17.

    If Green Bay loses its next two they could be on the outside looking in.

    The Eagles at #7 are 9-5 with games left against the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

    Both games are on the road.

    If the Eagles win both and Green Bay loses both, the Eagles would take the #6 seed.

    The Eagles have an outside shot at the East as well. If they win their next two and Dallas loses its final two, the Eagles would win the East. If Dallas loses its next two and Green Bay does as well, Dallas would get the #6 seed as the two would be tied in conference records but Dallas has the edge in common opponents head-to-head record.

    If Arizona beats Seattle and loses the following week to the 49ers while Green Bay wins their last two, the Packers would clinch home field based on the record versus common opponents. The two teams would be tied in conference records. This is the best scenario for the Packers.

    If Green Bay beats Tampa Bay on Sunday and then loses to Detroit the following Sunday, while Dallas loses to Indianapolis on Sunday but wins in week 17 against Washington and Philadelphia wins out, this would also keep the Packers out of the playoffs.

    A Packers win next week and an Eagles loss would also clinch the Packers at least a playoff birth.

    There it is. It’s about as clear as pond water right now but the Packers control their own playoff and first round bye destiny.

    They do, however, need help to capture home field.