Green Bay Packers: Reflective look at Sunday’s loss

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Aaron Rodgers. Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Rodgers: Presence of Mind

To wash away the disdain of Buffalo, Rodgers will need to put on a clinic in Tampa. With his worst-ever outing as an NFL starter being flaunted across social media and television, it will take some convincing to erase those stats from recent memory.

In Buffalo, the receivers weren’t the only problem – Rodgers does deserve a portion of the blame.

Though the protection was ideal in that situation, he tended to hold on to the ball too long, trying to make plays that weren’t there. He was sporadic on throws, under- and over-throwing receivers and even missed a wide open Jordy Nelson across the field from where he would eventually throw an interception, instead.

Rodgers will not only need to find a way to harness this feeling and transfer it into expendable energy against Tampa, he will need to do it with his offensive team in tow.

He will need to carry everyone to the finish line. Whether the receivers, running backs, offensive line is having an “off day” – will not be able to matter.

Rodgers will need to find a presence of mind enough within himself to get the job done, even when things are falling apart around him.