Lombardiave.com staffers predict Packers vs. Buccaneers


The Green Bay Packers roll into Raymond James Stadium today to take on the 2-12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The picks here at Lombardiave.com are in and they aren’t any different than you will find around the country …

While it may be unanimous, we all have different reasons.

Check them out.

Josh McPeak

Josh McPeak: Aaron Rodgers has been terrible in his career against the Bucs, for whatever reason.

His career record versus the Bucs is a dismal 1-2 with a rating of only 74.6. The 7 touchdown passes also equals the number of interceptions he has in those games – 7.

Unfortunately for the Bucs they have a very motivated Rodgers coming to Raymond James and he plays his best with a chip on his shoulder. Even though the Bucs are 2-12, a lot of their games have been scrappy and haven’t been decided until near the end of the game.

The Bucs give up 390 yards a week ago to the Panthers who had backup quarterback Derek Anderson under the center. Green Bay has way too much on the line and still control their own destiny in the NFC North and for the #2 seed for a first round bye.

Eddie Lacy is also starting to show just how good of an NFL back he is going to be. Jordy Nelson will be out for blood and Randall Cobb hasn’t seen the end zone in 5 games.

Packers 45 Bucs 13

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson: How ticked off must the Green Bay Packers’ offense be right now?

The defense steps up and holds a team to 13 points on the road, and it still ends up in a loss. I’m going to predict that the unfortunate recipients of the fallout will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday.

In a game the Packers have to win, I see Aaron Rodgers and the offense striking early and often en route to a big win and possibly an even bigger confidence boost.

Meanwhile, the defense continues to hold court and doing what it has to. Of course, in this game, even if they give up 20 or so points, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Packers 38 Bucs 20

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: Packers are looking to bounce back from the beat down in Buffalo.

What better opponent than the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take out some frustration and tune up for the showdown with the Lions week 17.

Packers win big and Matt Flynn gets some mop up duty.

Dan VerDuin

Packers 42 Bucs 17
Dan VerDuin: The Packers are mad after last week’s defeat at Buffalo. They will bring the passion and aggressiveness that was missing in last week’s defeat.

What better way to prove that you can’t beat good teams than by bouncing back and pummeling a bottom tier team?

I expect the Buccaneers to go to Mike Evans often, and he will have a stellar game. I also expect Dom Capers to do nothing to stop him and that includes no in-game adjustments.

Either way, the Packers offense is just too good right now to be stopped by the Buccaneers defense. And the Packers defense will make timely stops in the redone.

One matchup to watch is Gerald McCoy vs the Packers offensive line; the man’s a beast.

Packers 31 Bucs 24

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: This game has me very, very, worried.

I do expect the offense to bounce back after the dismal showing of last week but I smell a conspiracy brewing against the Packers and I would not put it against the powers that be (Roger Goodell, the Illumananti and the North Korean Hackers) to throw a wrench into this game as well.

Plus, Lovie is going to throw everything he can and then some at the Pack cause he still harbors deep-seated resentment that he could never beat them when he was with the Bears.

So in the end, Packers will prevail. No tutu power or cheesebeads involved in this one.

Packers 21 Bucs 17

Coalter Hansen

Coalter Hansen: After that embarrassment in Buffalo, the Packers are lucky to get a bad team on the road. I’m a little leery with the Packers playing in Tampa, they have been notoriously unlucky in Tampa and stack on all four of the Packers losses being on the road this year. However, I think the cream will rise to the top and the Packers will come out victorious.

The biggest threat to the Packers are the two towers (Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans), as the Packers struggle against bigger receivers. The Packers offense is catching a break though with Gerald McCoy being shut down for the rest of the season.

In the end, Rodgers redeems himself and the Packers move to a possible sudden death showdown with Detroit.

Packers 34 Buccaneers 17

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: Green Bay put up a putrid display with their passing attack versus Buffalo. It was surprising, but maybe it shouldn’t have been; Buffalo plays great defense — especially against the pass — ranking in the top 10 in many categories no matter what metrics are used.

Tampa Bay is on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are in the bottom of the league across any of those important measurements, and it shows in their 2-12 record on the year.

The Packer offense should get back to its usual high-powered ways, while the defense gets to tee off on another low-ceiling offensive attack.

Packers 34 Bucs 13

Jerry Bulone

Jerry Bulone: As we have all seen, the Packers are a completely different team on the road and it doesn’t really matter who the opponent is.

They got blown out by the Saints (who lost 4 straight at home after that game), and Seahawks. While against the Lions and Bills the offense scored a combined 20 points.

Their wins have not been all that impressive either. Bottom line, the Packers are just an average team away from the Tundra and this trend will continue in Tampa.

Common belief among all NFL fans (not just Packers fans) is Rodgers is due for a HUGE bounce back game – I don’t see it. Lovie Smith knows the Packers, and he also knows of their road woes this season.

He knows if you cover Jordy and Cobb, and make Adams, Quarless, and Richard Rodgers beat you vertically, the Packers offense loses its luster. Also Capers will help keep the Bucs in this game longer than they should be.

Packers 27 Bucs 23

David Burdette

David Burdette: The Packers are ticked at losing in Buffalo, but they are having issues on the road. This means these next two games may be the biggest for them in an attempt to grab some sort of homefield advantage.

Are the Bucs good enough to pull a road upset? Don’t count on it, this isn’t the Bills underrated front seven.

Rodgers rallies in the fourth to smoke the Bucs…

Packers 28 Bucs 17

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: I feel exactly what Mike McCarthy is feeling. It’s playoff time and the focus must be on your opponent this week and nothing else.

With that said, I will focus solely on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is a team that obviously has struggled significantly and it starts at the helm of the team: the quarterback.

Josh McCown has shown every bit of his journeyman status this season. His poor play, coupled with offensive lineman issues will make for a long day for the Bucs offense. Doug Martin, Bobby Rainey, and the running back crew can’t seem to stay healthy. Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans have teamed up for a nice punch outside but getting time to get them the ball has been an issue as well as McCown’s looseness with the football.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is now on the IR leaving the offense without a weapon McCown desperately needs.

On the other side of the ball All-Pro Gerald McCoy is now on the IR as well creating a massive hole in the middle of the defense. The Bucs have struggled to provide a consistent pass rush all year which I’m sure has been emphasized with Rodgers coming to town.

The linebacker crew for the Bucs has been banged up lately starting with Lavonte David. They need his best to stand against a legitimate run game led by Eddie Lacy. A poor secondary has placed the Bucs near the bottom in pass defense as well.

The Packers will travel to warmer weather with one objective in mind and that is to win. Aaron Rodgers will silence the crowd quickly. Josh McCown will struggle to keep up as the defense provides another nightmare for him. Packers cruise easily.

Packers 38 Buccaneers 16

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: It’s pretty simple at this point in the season. With the Eagles losing Saturday night, it greatly changed the playoff picture and made it even simpler for the Packers … win and they are in.

Considering that Aaron Rodgers was embarrassed in Buffalo, one has to think it won’t happen again. Rodgers’ famous chip on his shoulder is as big as ever. Expect him to come out on fire and expect the Packers receivers to catch the ball today.

I also suspect that the Buccaneers will be given a heavy dose of Eddie Lacy.

The Packers win decisively and are in the playoffs … bring on the Lions for a chance to better their seeding placement.

Packers 40 Bucs 16