Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions: Lombardiave staffers predict


The big day is here for fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.

With that said, we will get right to it … here are the game predictions by the staff of

Josh McPeak

Josh McPeak: 1991 was the last time the Detroit Lions won a game at Lambeau Field. If I spotted Calvin Johnson 244 yards receiving and told you the Packers would start Matt Flynn, you would ultimately think that streak would come to a horrific ending. Insert the “mystique” of Lambeau Field, because that scenario already took place on January 1st, 2012. Matt Flynn threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns, which would both be franchise records for the Packers.

I think Detroit is a good football team. Aaron Rodgers enters Sunday’s game knowing his team will be at least the number 2 seed and have a week off heading into the playoffs with a victory. I believe that makes Green Bay better. Look for Eddie Lacy to break the rare century mark against the Lions on Sunday as well.

In what might not be the last match-up of the season between the Lions and Packers …

Packers 24 Lions 17

Kevin Dickens

Kevin Dickens: Focus. Focus. Focus. Everything is in front of each team in this NFC North championship showdown. Detroit has the chance to silence the critics around the NFL stating they aren’t ready to be considered part of the NFC’s contenders. Green Bay has a chance to seal a 4th straight NFC North division crown.

When Sunday afternoon rolls around two of the NFC’s premiere will lock horns with much on the line. A first round bye, a division crown and a possible home field advantage could be at someone’s grasp.

Whose will it be?

The Packers, I believe.

As Mike McCarthy has stated over the last few weeks you must focus on each week nothing more. The Packers understand that and Rodgers will play with a huge chip on his shoulder. You can bet he hasn’t forgotten that dismal performance the offense put together in week 3 out in Motown.

They will be far better than that day. Eddie Lacy will be the cog that carries the Pack Attack this Sunday. Look for him to burst out in a big way!

Also the defense will continue to be stout. The Packers have a reputation for rattling Matthew Stafford. Continuing that trend will be a must for Dom Capers’ led defense. Bottling up Joique Bell and limiting Calvin Johnson should allow success for the defense and the Packers to run away with this at home.

Packers will win their 4th straight divisional crown!!! Go pack go!

Packers 27 Lions 17

Darryl Krejci

Darryl Krejci: Well as this is probably my last game at Lambeau Field for the season I’m going to have to go with full Tutu power and look to run the Tutu record to 9-0 for the season.

I do not see this as a shootout. Instead, I think it’s going to be a defensive battle and a very low scoring game.

Defensively, I’m really not concerned with what I’ve been seeing as long as the team continues to play with the edge that they have had and stay away from their prevent, Dom Capers, stupid defensive scheme. They need to attack and be aggressive.

The offensive failures of late have me concerned. The dropped passes, the lack of communication in route running and the overall horrendous play with the red zone offense has me questioning whether they can snap out of this funk or not. Granted not every game will be a 52 to 10 blowout but of late the offense has looked very very poor.

In the end, the magic of the tutu and a last second field goal propels the Packers to another NFC North title.

Packers 13 Lions 10

Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb: It all comes down to this. The Packers may have locked up a playoff spot already, but their potential fate will be decided by what happens this week against the Lions.

Win, and they at least have the #2 seed and a bye week, with a shot at the #1 seed still available depending on other results. Lose, and they will be looking at a massive uphill climb to make it through the NFC.

As you know, the Lions may not be the most complete team out there, but the defense is top notch. They have already proven more than capable of shutting down the Packers’ offense before, but can they do so again on the road?

I don’t think so. Green Bay has one of the league’s best offenses out there, and with the added advantage of playing this game at home the offense will undoubtedly be helped. The defense is also playing at a very high level lately and should be able to make it’s mark against a lackluster attack from Detroit.

I can’t see it being easy, but I just cannot believe this Packers team as currently constructed will manage to lose twice to a Detroit team that just has not been able to put up anything resembling a decent showing on offense.

Their defense will keep things close, but not by enough to steal away their first win in Lambeau since 1991 – and the subsequent division title (and bye week) that would come with it.

Packers 23 Lions 16 

Jerry Bulone

Jerry Bulone: First off, I want to start with Detroit. They are a decent team, but they are not the 11-4 on the cusp of greatness team that they appear.

To me this is an over rated team that has been feasting off an easy schedule. Just look at their last 6 games.

The bad teams they played (Bears twice, Bucs, and Vikings) they beat, while the two good teams they played (Patriots and Cardinals) they lost.

On the road the Lions are a lot like the Packers – mediocre.

Meanwhile the Packers for whatever reason are much better at Lambeau field this year than on the road. Actually they are a juggernaut averaging over 40 points a game and only giving up 22. It all starts with Rodgers who at Lambeau this year has thrown 23 touch downs and Zero interceptions.

That’s beyond even video game numbers.

I know the Lions have the number two ranked defense statistically.

However, they are not the second best defense in the NFL and they will show it this Sunday at Lambeau. The Packers have clear advantages in offensive line, quarterback, running back, and head coach.

Also I don’t think the disparity of the two defenses is as big as the numbers suggest. Finally there is the revenge factor. The Packers offense was embarrassed this year in Detroit, a great home team. The Packers will remember that. Rodgers will seal up his second MVP and the Packers should win this one pretty easily.

Packers 41 Lions 24

David Burdette

David Burdette: This is it. The final countdown.

I know, I know, the Packers are in the playoffs anyway, but if our boys want to avoid another one and done, home field is key. The Packers are assured of a number 2 seed of they beat Detroit.

The offensive line is the X-factor for the Packers. If they can control the line of scrimmage, Eddie Lacy can run free and bruise the next level, after which Aaron Rodgers can take advantage of his match ups.

Detroit has to get their defensive line moving at the pace it did in week 3, where they upset Rodgers. If that happens, the Packers don’t have a chance.

I think the mystique of Lambeau plays into this one, as well as the Packers having an identity they did not have in week 3. The Lions will play a tough game but ultimately the Packers will win this one.

Packers 28 Lions 24

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes: Here we go Packers Nation, for all the marbles and chance, albeit slim, for home field playoff advantage!

My loyalty almost always leads me to pick the Packers no matter the circumstances. For example, the blasted game against the Bills my gut was picking against the Pack, but my desire for a victory sided with the Green & Gold.

Today my gut and my loyalty are one in the same. I have a good feeling about this team. Mainly because I feel they are a mature unit that understands it takes a team effort to win games like this as well as post season contests.

This game is sure to be a nail biter and a black and blue match up. But in the end the Pack comes out on top. Look for big performances from Rodgers, Lacy, Richard Rodgers, Morgan Burnett and Clay Matthews.

Packers 28 Lions 20

Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson: The Detroit Lions are adept at stopping the run, and crushed the Green Bay Packers offense in Week 3.

If the Lions’ fearsome front four can get pressure on Aaron Rodgers and flood the passing lanes with defenders, it could be a very long and frustrating day for the home team at Lambeau Field.

And yet, the Packers’ offensive line has improved dramatically, the defense looks like it finally has found its identity, and Eddie Lacy looks impossible to tackle at times.

I’m going with a Packers pass rush giving Matt Stafford headaches, forcing turnovers and taking pressure off the offense. Let’s call this one yet another division title.

Packers 23 Lions 16

Dan VerDuin

Dan VerDuin: I don’t think the Detroit defense will  put the packers weakness on the field for this weeks game, and I see that translating into Rodgers only being rattled by their line, and not our receivers being rattled.

With that said, I’m hoping for a good defensive showing from our defense to prove that we are here for real; not just ‘Rodgers and company.’

It’ll be a low scoring game, but with the edge going to the Pack because they’re at home.

Packers 17 Lions 14

Ray Rivard

Ray Rivard: The stage for another NFC North Division championship has been set for the Green Bay Packers. All they have to do is beat the Detroit Lions – a team they lost to in Week 3 of this season.

But this is a different Packers team from the one that lost that early season game. Since then, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers have gone off on division and non-division foes to the tune of 10 wins and two losses.

We all know how they’ve played at home … they are undefeated on the Frozen Tundra and I don’t expect today to be any different.

Many are predicting a close game, and for all their reasoning I can’t disagree.

However, I have a gut feeling that Aaron Rodgers is going to bring his A Game today, as will the defense. This team is poised to do great things in the coming weeks and it starts today at Lambeau as the Packers earn the #2 NFC Playoff seed and could get the first seed with a little help from the St. Louis Rams.

But the number one goal is taking care of business today … winning.

Packers 31 Lions 17