NFL Draft: Who could be the Green Bay Packers’ first pick?

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Clemson Tigers defensive end Vic Beasley (3). Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

With the Green Bay Packers on a first-round bye week and college bowl season well under way, now is a good time to take a look ahead and see how the Packers’ draft situation is setting up.

At this point, we know the Packers will pick somewhere near the end of the first round–many mock drafts project Green Bay with the 28th pick in the first round. Obviously, this could change depending on how the Packers fair in the postseason.

Green Bay’s roster seems pretty solid at this point with very few weaknesses that need to be addressed in the offseason. This means the Packers will have plenty of options with their first-round pick come April because they can truly take the best player available and plug him into their system.

Lets take a look at some of the players whose name could be called when Green Bay is on the clock at the end of the first round this spring.