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Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys: Who wins?

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Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve

Ben – From what looked like another disappointing home playoff defeat, the Cowboys came back grasping every opportunity they were given to turn the Lions over. This should be a great game but I just give the edge to the Cowboys’ ability to dictate the pace, the best thing they can do in this game to protect their defense is to lean on their offensive line and DeMarco Murray and in spite of Aaron Rodgers’ threat, I think the Cowboys are well set up to control the tempo of this game and march on.

Gordon – I thought Dallas was the home team most susceptible to a loss last weekend, despite picking them to win, and while I think they can keep it close in Green Bay, I don’t see them beating the Packers. With Aaron Rodgers at the helm I think the Packers win a shoot out on Sunday afternoon, with plenty of big plays on either side to keep everyone entertained.

Khaled – I just don’t see how the Dallas defense can slow the Packers down. That will put a kind of pressure on Tony Romo I don’t think he’ll be able to cope with and leave Green Bay one game from a Super Bowl.

Nathan – The Packers’ biggest strength is their pass offense while the Cowboys’ biggest weakness is their run defense. On the other hand the Cowboys’ biggest strength is their run game while the Packers’ biggest weakness is their run defense. In a game like that, even in the cold, I think passing wins.

Neil – But for the officials botching it badly, Dallas should have gone down last week but, to some degree, that wrong will be righted here. The Cowboys have got good weapons but to a large extent some are overrated; Romo played poorly last week and the win at the end doesn’t obviate that. Murray is looking more and more a function of his o-line. Clearly they can win, but that means Romo playing good football and Murray getting back to breaking tackles.

Rick – The improved D in Dallas won’t be enough to contain Rodgers & Co. and having to chase the game will take Murray out of it. The efficient Green Bay offense marches on.

Sam – This might be the best game of the weekend on paper. Green Bay and Dallas are both strong teams with a lot to like. We have to assume Rodgers will be OK given he came back into the game hurt, but at the very least he’s going to be fragile in freezing conditions with muscles liable to tweak at any point. If he stays healthy all game I think the Packers win.

Steve – Sticking to my preseason pick of the Packers going to the Super Bowl, that offense has too many weapons for most defenses to handle. The Cowboys will give it a good shot with their underrated group of pass rushers that could make things interesting for the Packers. Throw in the league’s best offensive line and this looks like it should be a classic matchup. I’ll still take  Aaron Rodgers making more plays and winning the game, but this could end up as the weekend’s best game.

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