Green Bay Packers free agents: Who will walk? Who will stay?

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Tramon Williams.

Tramon Williams

31, seven-year pro, $8,250,000 annual salary.

Despite the fact that Williams lost the one-on-one battle for that winning touchdown last Sunday, he had a solid season in 2014 and was just as good the before in 2013. There may be an attempt by Thompson to secure Williams to a one- or two-year contract so that he can continue to play in Green Bay.

However, in order for that to occur, Williams would have to settle for a hometown discount – a significant discount – if that were to come to fruition.

The $8.2 million he made this past season is way more than the Packers would be willing to ante up, nor is an aging cornerback like Williams worth that kind of money.

Tramon has to understand that.

The Packers are stacked at defensive back and will most likely use the draft once again to bring in younger players. After all, you can never have enough good corners in the National Football League – just ask the Seattle Seahawks.

If Williams signs a one- or two-year contract, the Packers will be deeper at the position, but at this point the Packers probably feel comfortable with letting Williams move on to a new situation.

Should the Packers keep him or let him walk?

Unless he accepts a huge cut in pay, it’s time to say goodbye to Tramon Williams.

Bryan Bulaga blocks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Bryan Bulaga

25, 4 years pro, $2,649,000 annual salary

Injuries have been an issue with right tackle Bryan Bulaga, but he was on the field for most of 2014, which helped solidify an offensive line that played as well as any unit in the league – especially in the playoffs when they were charged with keeping an injured Aaron Rodgers upright.

At only 25, Bulaga is an important signing for stability’s sake, and if Thompson can work his magic, he may be able to once again land a free agent at a cap-friendly price – a signing that could only help the Packers in the long run.

Keep or let him walk? You can never have enough of the talented, versatile offensive linemen, especially when  that line is protecting your franchise quarterback and opening holes for an elite running back like Eddie Lacy.

Re-sign Bulaga

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