Green Bay Packers have an incredible fan base

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Thank you for an amazing season, Packers

Jennifer Brilowski of central Wisconsin wrote this previously, but it surely applies to all Packers fans this week …

"I am a fan. Aaron Rodgers. Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports photograph My love for my team is unshakable. Complaining about players or coaches doesn’t make my life any better, so I don’t. My paycheck and health don’t hinge on the Packers’ results, so I remember what’s truly important to me in life. I don’t need to hate another team to prove my devotion; I focus on the joy my team brings me each week. The Packers are not perfect, nor do I need them to be."

"I am a fan. No matter how passionate I may be, I know that football is simply a game – a source of entertainment, excitement and pride in my life. My support remains strong week after week, month after month and year after year. Nothing will change my devotion. Each season is to be savored. I am a fan. I want the Packers to be healthy, triumphant and strong. I always hope for a win, but no matter what happens, I move on. My life is my family, my friends and my work. My life is about the things I can affect and change. My life is bigger than the NFL, and bigger than my team. I am a fan. And it’s good to be a fan. Jennifer Brilowski, Green Bay Packers fan"

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