Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers won the first

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Dave Robinson is a Pro Football Hall of Famer who played in Super Bowl I.

Jim Oxley photograph

Unless you live under a rock, you know it’s Super Bowl Sunday – one of the most highly-anticipated and most celebrated days of the entire year.

It’s a day of pure enjoyment, even if you’re favorite team isn’t in the big game … a bitter pill to swallow for this edition of the Green Bay Packers.

I’m like all fans of the Green Bay Packers today – happy that there is one more football game to enjoy and pleased that we had the opportunity to watch another season of Packers football … some incredible and MVP-like football

As we officially head into the offseason once more after the clock ticks down to zero on today’s Super Bowl 49, the confetti settles to the ground, and all the platitudes are given, we will once again turn our eyes to “next year.” Of course before that we will enjoy the Combine, Free Agency, the Draft, the OTAs, and training camp.

However, before we get to all that, we’ve got to enjoy this Super Bowl Sunday.

You could turn on the NFL Network, NBC or FOX at any time today and watch the seemingly unending interviews, feature stories and so much more about the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

Or you can turn to lombardiave where we are going to be offering everything Packers today – all the Packers film we can find on the five Super Bowls the team has been in.

We start, of course, at the beginning with Super Bowl I, and will offer up more videos as the day progresses. Enjoy these … it seems as if they were yesterday.

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