Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers won the first

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Bart Starr was the Super Bowl I MVP.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Superbowl I 1967

All that worried Packers head coach prior to this game was that he might let down the other teams in the NFL. He simply couldn’t lose to the AFL … that would be a disgrace.

For wide receiver Max McGee, he was just glad he would have the chance to relax and watch the game from the sidelines after spending the entire night before the game carousing around Los Angeles.

That was until Boyd Dowler got hurt and was thrust into action.

All he did was catch the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history – even if at the time it was called the NFL vs. AFL Championship Game.

Bart Starr was named the MVP and cornerback Herb Adderly sealed the game with the Super Bowl’s first pick six.

Check out the video … it will bring back memories for those of us who remember and will give those of you who weren’t around a flavor for some real football.

Enjoy …

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