Green Bay Packers: What the future may hold for the tight ends

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OK, Green Bay Packers fans, the Super Bowl is over and done.

The Packers haven’t played a football game for nearly three weeks.

I think if I stay in my offseason hibernation/denial any longer I’ll start to look like a scrawnier version Brett Favre in Zeus mode who watches way too much Netflix.

I’m going to start looking like Tom Hanks from Cast Away, and I can’t even grow a beard.

The picture to the right pretty much looks like Packers fans after just a few weeks without football …

But I’m getting off topic.

There are tight ends to be discussed.

So, we’ll pick it up a notch here and send you on your way to our next slides that describe just what’s going on in Packers Nation – especially when it comes to the position that some say is a position of need heading into the NFL Draft to be held in a couple of months.

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