Prospect Film Study: ILB Stephone Anthony a fit in Green Bay?

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Ability in Coverage

Anthony moves fluidly in space and is a very solid open-field tackler, which helps him when dropping into coverage.

This first clip shows how quickly Anthony closes in on the receiver after the reception. This quick takedown doesn’t allow the receiver to gain any yards after the catch.

There isn’t a lot of hesitation in Anthony’s game, and he does a good job of keeping everything in front of him so he can make a play on the ball.

This is highlighted perfectly in this next clip.

Watch how quickly Anthony identifies the screen and then closes in on the back to make the stop.

This was a big second-down stop, which forced North Carolina into a third-and-long situation.

This play is just one of the many examples on film of Anthony breaking up a screen pass. There just isn’t a lot that gets past him, further highlighting his tremendous football IQ and instincts.

Anthony seems to have a natural feel for the game and makes playing inside linebacker look easy.

This third clip comes at a point when Clemson was trailing Syracuse in the second half and really needed a big play to get some momentum going.

Anthony furthers demonstrates his great football instincts by feeling out where the quarterback is going with the ball, but he also uses his athleticism to make an outstanding catch.

This interception further demonstrates Anthony’s ability to make impact plays in a game.

Anthony is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades as a linebacker prospect, but he also has a playmaking streak in him and is certainly underrated as a pass defender.

He holds up well enough in coverage to stay on the field for all three downs.

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